Buoyancy Level Sensors and Switches

ABB offers a complete line of buoyancy point level switches for just about any chemical, petroleum or general process application.

This family of products include horizontal floats, vertical floats, and displacer switches of all kinds. ABB's simple and reliable design offers great flexibility with custom insertion lengths, temperature ratings to 1000ºF/ 38ºC. Pressure ratings to 5000 psig/345 bar, and a wide selection of alloys. The ABB buoyancy switches are the highest quality and cost efficient solution to industrial liquid level point sensing.

Industries served:

  • Power
  • Oil and gas production

Our offering

  • LS

  • MS50

    Multi point liquid level sensor

  • MS8F

    Extended body horizontal electric level float switch

  • MS10

    Electric Level Switch

  • MS8D

    Extended body horizontal electric level displacer switch

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