Automation in networks – protection and RTU technology

Hanover, April 08, 2013 - ABB is showcasing a comprehensive range of solutions for network automation geared to advancing the energy turnaround in distribution networks. From automating secondary substations and controlling EEG (German Renewable Energies Act) systems all the way through to innovative applications in network control technology.

At the 2013 Hanover Fair, visitors to the ABB stand can find out all they need to know about selected solutions involving state-of-the-art tasks of power supply in distribution networks.

At themed columns, ABB’s experts will be explaining the interaction between local automation and network and control.

With its secondary-substation communication kit, ABB offers easy-to-handle solutions for providing new secondary substations with the equipment and functions required for monitoring and control or for upgrading secondary substations already in place. For simple integration of EEG systems in a higher control system matched to the specific requirements involved, ABB offers the EEG Box based on the RTU540.

With increasing local automation in distribution networks and the concomitantly increased number of interfaces to the control systems, there is also a growing risk of cyber security attacks on the network control system. In the shape of the secondary-substation communication kit and the RTU540 automation components installed in the EEG Box, users not only possess equipment with a high-level functionality, but also thus acquire an excellent degree of protection against cyber security hazards.

The integration of decentralized energy generators in the distribution network may lead to voltage band violations and overloads. ABB’s MicroSCADA Pro DMS 600 control system ABB for distribution networks helps network operators to rapidly detect the complex situations ongoing in the network and to respond effectively to the consequences of decentralized energy feed-in.

ABB’s exhibits themed around network automation for the energy turnaround in distribution networks, are rounded off by the compactly dimensioned generator protection unit REG630, which provides dependable protection of the small energy generating systems increasingly used in distribution networks, like unit-type cogeneration plants and biogas installations.

The SUE 3000 high-speed transfer system ensures uninterruptible power supply for industrial facilities and power plants. In contrast to static or dynamic UPS systems, the SUE 3000 is a space-saving, low-maintenance alternative for systems involving two independent supplies.

ABB’s stand at the 2013 Hanover Fair shows that network automation from ABB is the best solution for the energy turnaround in distribution networks, in order to meet the challenges involved.

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At the Hanover Fair, ABB is showcasing network automation for the energy turnaround in distribution networks –from a secondary substation and an EEG system all the way through to central network control.

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