SafeMove - Next generation in robot safety

SafeMove - The next generation in Robot Safety

SafeMove marks a major step in removing the bonds placed on heavily regulated industrial robots that toil in isolated settings. Developed and tested to comply with international safety standards, SafeMove is an electronics and software based safety solution that ensures safe and predictable robot motion. It brings leaner, more economic and more flexible operation.

Open up for man-machine collaboration
Now, robots and operators can collaborate much more closely. SafeMove enables operators and robots to work together without compromising on safety.. It uses geometrical and speed restrictions, maintaining automatic operation. This combines the flexibility of human interaction with the precision and handling capacity of robots.

Save space in robot cell design
SafeMove brings great savings on floor space by restricting robot motion to precisely what is needed by the application. Further savings on space can be achieved by adding speed limitations, reducing safety distances.

Intuitive user interfaces
SafeMove is easy to configure thanks to the intuitive and powerful tools found in both RobotStudio® and our FlexPendant application. They perfectly illustrate defined safety zones and allow for rapid and precise analysis of a zones or axis violations during commissioning or production.

SafeMove. Now robot safety doesn’t have to fence you in.

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