Fill - Cleaning and finishing cylinder heads efficently requires smart solutions

Cleaning and finishing cylinder heads efficently requires smart solutions. To be successful in business you need reliable partners. Austria-based Fill GmbH has worked hard to be a reliable partner, providing one-off solutions to its customer vaw mandl&berger for many years. So it was no surprise when Fill, a company that provides system solutions for metal machining, was asked by VAW mandl&berger to supply it with a cylinder head processing plant. The challenge was to provide highly technical and functional quality in a restricted space. At its company headquarters in Linz, Germany, VAW mandl&berger produces a million cylinder heads annually for the motor industry. Customers include some of the biggest names in the industry, including BMW, Ford, General Motors, Isuzu, Opel, Rover and Volkswagen. VAW mandl&Berger and Fill have worked together in a number of areas, including the design of the cylinder head or crankcase, the construction of tools such as core-casting moulds and ladles and the production of the castings (including the handling of the raw materials).


Country Germany
Product Category Robotics

Reference Facts

Industry Automotive
Application Cleaning
Customer End Products Automotive Parts

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