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General Information Tree > ABB Review > 2003 > 02 > 2003

... and equally difficult to overlook its presence when the press daily trumpets 'New investments in nanotechnology …', 'Nanotech center opened at ...

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Updated: 2003-11-11

R&D Digest

General Information Tree > ABB Review > 2001 > 03 > 2001

... Masonry on an atomic level Around the world, intensive research is going on in the field of nanotechnology, and ABB foresees a promising future ...

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Updated: 2003-11-13

Data centers

Page 1. W review ABB The unsung heroes of the Internet 6 Direct current – a perfect fit for data centers 16 No power is no ...

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Updated: 2015-04-15

Intellectual contribution to the company's development

... processes, to fields whose development has been particularly visible in the recent years, namely: IT technologies and systems, and nanotechnology ...

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Updated: 2015-07-10