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Products & Services for batteries

ABB Converters for Battery Energy Storage - Converters for ...

Power Converters and Inverters > Converters for Energy Storage and Grid Stabilization > Converters for Battery Energy Storage

... sodium sulphur (NaS), lead acid, Ni-Cd, flow batteries, ultra caps ... View related documents and downloads for: Converters for Battery Energy Storage. ...

Central battery systems - Lighting & emergency lighting | ABB

... Learn more about shopping on ABB.com. Checkout. Central battery & monitoring systems. Reducing your total cost of inspection & maintenance. ...

ABB EssPro PCS - Converters for Battery Energy Storage ...

Power Converters and Inverters > Converters for Energy Storage and Grid Stabilization > Converters for Battery Energy Storage > EssPro PCS

... Able to connect to any battery type or energy storage medium, EssPro PCS brings together decades of grid interconnection experience and ...

Products catalog for batteries


Product ID: AMR3183017881
Process PS 24V DC-40A


Product ID: AMR492860501
CPU for SC35A-2M0 incl A/Dconv


Product ID: AMR492841402
CU05-25SB/SDA/DX232 SattBus

Collaboration insight

Power Converters and Inverters > Converters for Energy Storage and Grid Stabilization > Converters for VAr Compensation > PCS 100 STATCOM

... global local engineering centers on many diverse projects for battery energy storage ... will supply the PCS100 UPS-I along with batteries and ABB's ...

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Updated: 2012-04-27

Railway and urban transport electrification Energy-efficient ...

Industries and utilities > Power T&D Solutions > Substations and Electrification

... flash-charging e-bus ABB's new large-capacity battery-powered electric bus system enables ultrafast charging of onboard batteries at selected bus ...

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Updated: 2015-11-04

Tropos 7320 Outdoor Mesh Router - Mesh Routers (Wireless ...

... support for the industry's widest array of power input options, PoE sourcing, input power up to 480 VAC, optional internal battery backup and remote ...

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Industries and utilities > Marine Solutions > Marine Systems and Solutions

... Battery technology “As I said, we now have the ability to harvest energy, store it on board and reuse it later,” says Kent. ...

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Updated: 2014-09-25

If cars can do it, trains can do it too!

... train. The ESS can come with either super capacitors for short storage and recovery or with batteries for longer storage. ...

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Updated: 2013-05-29

ABB and Solar Impulse start historic round-the-world flight

... cells and enhance the charging electronics for the plane's battery systems. ... 10,000 meters during the day while fully charging its batteries to stay ...

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Updated: 2015-03-08

Insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) and diode dies | ABB

... Typical applications for 1200 volt are power converters for industrial drives, solar energy, battery backup systems (UPS) and electrical vehicles. ...

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Highlights - C2400 (UPS Systems) | ABB

... Advanced battery monitoring system; Advanced remote system monitoring via building management or webserver; Enhanced ...

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MNS PDUPro Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

... converters Backed-up power supply - Static and dynamic UPS - Batteries - Battery monitoring - Diesel generators Page 3. ...

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Updated: 2010-10-08

Volume 14 No. 6/14

Industries and utilities > Railway

... enables: - the diesel genset to be located under one bonnet, and the Li-Ion batteries for traction ... The battery is designed to deliver up to 350 kW. ...

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Updated: 2015-10-23