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Products & Services for batteries

Battery-powered ferry - transport with zero emissions | ABB

... Charging of the batteries happens conveniently while the ferry is in shore. View the animation to learn more about the battery-powered ferry concept ...

ABB Converters for Battery Energy Storage - Converters for ...

Power Converters and Inverters > Converters for Energy Storage and Grid Stabilization > Converters for Battery Energy Storage

... sodium sulphur (NaS), lead acid, Ni-Cd, flow batteries, ultra caps ... View related documents and downloads for: Converters for Battery Energy Storage. ...

ABB Auxiliary Converters and Battery Chargers - Traction ...

Power Converters and Inverters > Traction Converters > BORDLINE® -Auxiliary Converters

... BORDLINE® M Auxiliary Converters and Battery Chargers. ... compressors; Driving air compressors; Driving cooling fans; Charging vehicle batteries. ...

Products catalog for batteries


Product ID: AMR492623602
CU05-45/SD24D Vers3.0


Product ID: AMR492839101


Product ID: AMR492625402
CU05-45SB/SDA/DX232 SattBus v3

Data centers

General Information Tree > ABB Review > 2013 > 4 > 2013

... nents – each UPS module has its own in- dependent static bypass, rectifier, inverter, logic control, control panel, battery char- ger and batteries. ...

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Updated: 2013-12-12

Imperial College carbon capture pilot plant Preparing today's ...

Control Systems > 800xA > Service > Marketing

... Battery-powered WirelessHART technology allows for quick and simple instrument installation to allow operators to monitor new process ...

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Updated: 2012-05-02

BORDLINE® designed for EMU/DMU

... the power from the 3 kVDC line into propulsion power for the traction motors and auxiliary power for onboard consumers (AC, DC, and battery). ...

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Updated: 2015-05-25

BORDLINE® designed for EMU/DMU

Power Converters and Inverters > Traction Converters

... the power from the 3 kVDC line into propulsion power for the traction motors and auxiliary power for onboard consumers (AC, DC, and battery). ...

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Updated: 2009-01-19

Energy Storage Modules

Medium Voltage Products and Systems > Energy Storage Modules > Distributed Energy Storage (DES) system

... in order to extend the battery life and increase the safety of the system. ▪Inverters rectify the AC energy into DC to store in the batteries and then ...

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Updated: 2012-06-05

Models for PowerValue 11/31T - Highlights (PowerValue 11 ...

... Contact us. PowerValue 11/31 T 10 kVA. UPS frame rated power: 9 kW; Batteries: internal backup > 5 minutes; Parallel configuration: up to 4 units; ...

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Additional information - Highlights (PowerValue 11/31 T) ...

... Battery cabinets. ... RS-232 and USB are also integrated in the UPS for quick service and simple access to the grid, battery and UPS information. ...

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Publicite offre demploi | ABB

View this page in CHP. ACCUEIL; CARRIERES; PUBLICITE OFFRE DEMPLOI. NORTHERN AFRICA - French. Choose country and language. ...

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G583e - DCS800 Lift Magnet Supply

Drives > Services > Training

... for different magnet types – Single magnet configuration in current control – Multi magnet configuration in voltage control – Battery Backup and ...

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Updated: 2014-12-06

Energy efficiency – doing more with less

... For a better world 18 Chevrolet Volt battery reuse Electric vehicle batteries to power homes for the first time in the world Product news ...

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Updated: 2013-01-25