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Products catalog for current

CT6/400 / 2CSG421150R1101

Product ID: 2CSG421150R1101
Product Main Type: CT
CT6/400 Current transformer

CT6/600 / 2CSG421170R1101

Product ID: 2CSG421170R1101
Product Main Type: CT
CT6/600 Current transformer

CT6/2500 / 2CSG421240R1101

Product ID: 2CSG421240R1101
Product Main Type: CT
CT6/2500 Current transformer

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ABB FACTS Solutions for oil & gas.

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... Second, the TCSC will change its apparent impedance (as seen by the line current) for subsynchronous frequencies in such a way that a potential ...

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Integrated Operations. ABB Marine's digital solutions connect the ship's crew with their technical & nautical departments in the office.

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ABB ensures continued support to the project throughout its lifetime.

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