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Products & Services for protection relay & automation system

Relion product family - Substation Automation Protection and ...

... The Relion® product family offers the widest range of products for the protection, control, measurement and supervision of power systems for IEC ...

Smart medium-voltage solution with Relion® protection relays ...

General Information Tree > Distribution Automation > Marketing and Sales

... The advanced REC615 protection relay is used for control ... logic selectivity between the protection relays, as this ... sensors provide the relays with very ...

Distribution Automation Handbook

Industries and utilities > Power T&D Solutions > Substation Automation and Protection > Technical Papers

... a classical type of feeder protection in non ... The feeder protections consists of two-phase ... relays and one residual overcurrent relay energized from a ...

Reclosing on Future Distribution Systems

Medium Voltage Products and Systems > Reclosers and Sectionalizers > Three-Phase Reclosers > ANSI > IEC Three-Phase Magnetic Recloser OVR-3

... before the fuse operated (feeder selective relaying). ... of distributed resources and automation may make ... for more defined protection, and switches ...

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Updated: 2004-02-03


Industries and utilities > Power T&D Solutions > Power Consulting

... using a k-factor (inverse-time relay). ... Relays and current transformers are positioned in ... Protection concept including protection failures • Realistic ...

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Updated: 2013-10-10

Az Zour EPP08 power plant in Kuwait to set record in fast track ...

Industries and utilities > Power Generation

... was largely implemented with relays and analog ... controls and the mechanical protection were done ... of signals with the existing automation level will ...

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Updated: 2008-11-27

Azipod® XO2100 and XO2300

Industries and utilities > Marine Solutions > Marine Systems and Solutions > Propulsion

... Protection class for electrical enclosures ... The ship's machinery and automation system is in charge ... Potential free (closing relay) binary contacts are ...

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Updated: 2012-08-07

Combined Overcurrent and Earth-fault Relay SPAJ 135 C

Medium Voltage Products and Systems > Distribution Automation > Feeder Protection and Control > SPAJ 135 C [Limited]

... to be used when the protection relays are to be ... relays, type SPA-ZX 105 two relays and type ... Combined overcurrent and earth-fault relay SPAJ 135 ...

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Updated: 2006-05-22

I/Os - Procontrol P14 (Power plant automation) | ABB

... counter input, temperature input, inductive initiator input (Namur) and relay output. ... power plant control functions, resulting in a control system with a ...

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Low Voltage Product Life Cycle Plan

... Power Protections (UPS & power conditioning) ... Electrification Products Protection and Connection (EPPC) Doc. ... AF RA4 interface relay RA4 ...

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Updated: 2017-10-27

Flexible turbine control retrofits Webinar

Industries and utilities > Power Generation > Control > Turbine Control

... Configurable probe types ▪ On board relay outputs for alert and ... VP01 for valve positioning ▪ TP01 for turbine protection ... Total plant automation ...

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Updated: 2016-06-29

System pro E Energy Distribution – Main Catalogue

Low Voltage Products and Systems > Enclosures (System Pro E)

... CombiLine distribution panel system ... Fire protection doors …VF… 6 54 ■ ... Automation (Mounting plate) Meter panels for double insulated cabinets ...

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Updated: 2015-03-10

MNS PDUPro Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

... motor control centers - Protection relays - Dry type ... Building automation - Remote power monitoring panels ... interrupting the operation of the system. ...

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Updated: 2010-10-08