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Tropos Communications for the smart grid

Industries and utilities > Power T&D Solutions > Communication Networks > Tropos

... the next 2-3 years, additional applications for smart grids related to ... Smart Grid applica- tions include both fixed applications such as smart metering ...

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Updated: 2012-08-30

Security in the smart grid

Industries and utilities > Power T&D Solutions > Substation Automation and Protection > SA Cyber Security

Page 1. Security in the smart grid Page 2. 2 Security in the smart grid | ABB white paper Security in the smart grid It's hard ...

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Updated: 2012-10-10

From Smart Charging to Smart Grid A Case for Intelligent EV ...

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Page 1. White Paper From Smart Charging to Smart Grid A Case for Intelligent EV Charging Systems ... Page 2. 2 From Smart Charging to Smart Grid ...

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Updated: 2013-04-10

Introduction to smart grids. Communication in intelligent ...

Industries and utilities > Power T&D Solutions > Power Consulting > Training

... Course topics • Basics of a smart grid • Electrical sytems of the future. General aspects • Smart grids and smart cities. Main ...

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Updated: 2017-06-02

ABB collaborates on smart-grid distribution automation ...

... for the development of tomorrow's electricity grids. ... the efficiency of the distribution grid. ... of the largest EU-funded smart grid initiatives, participating ...

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ABB and FreeWave

Medium Voltage Products and Systems > Distribution Automation > Distribution Automation Solution > Compact Distribution Substation Automation - cDSA > COM610 Communication Gateway [Classic]

Page 1. ABB and FreeWave Technologies Collaboration for Smart Grid solutions ABB's Smart Grid vision is of a self-healing ...

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Updated: 2010-05-15

Smart grid Instruction manual_SR_SP_valid version_nov ...

Medium Voltage Products and Systems > Switchgear and Motor Control > Secondary Switchgear > Gas Insulated Secondary Switchgear > IEC Gas-Insulated RMU SafePlus

... With REC615, grid reliability can be enhanced, ranging from basic, non ... Thus, REC615 meets today's requirements for smart grids and supports the ...

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Updated: 2013-01-22

UniSec for Smart Grid Air-insulated medium-voltage ...

General Information Tree > Medium Voltage Technology > - General Information > - Marketing & Sales

... help to transform traditional power networks into smarter grids that can ... The integrated Smart Grid functionalities which increase automation allow ...

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Updated: 2015-12-15

ABB smart grid Intelligent business

General Information Tree > North America Communications > Printed material > Brochures

... Future energy demands require a smarter grid – one that is more efficient ... No other smart grid solution partner in the world offers the breadth of ...

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Updated: 2013-03-23

Volt-VAr management solutions For smart grid distribution ...

General Information Tree > BU High Voltage Products > Factories > USPHV

... customers true value through smarter management of ... control solution to improve grid ef- ficiency ... Smart grids require an industry standards-based ...

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Updated: 2013-05-13