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Dawn of a new age

... ment to building a smarter grid, the company ... art power electron- ics, smart grid interfacing and ... Simon Felsenstein ABB ISI Smart Grids, E-mobility ...

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Updated: 2010-07-08

ABB ABB at CIRED 2013 – Smart distribution solutions ...

Medium Voltage Products and Systems > ABB at CIRED 2013 – Smart distribution solutions

... and features of IEDs to realize active control and protection of smart grids. ... Technologies of the self healing grid; Smart compact secondary ...

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Updated: 2013-04-30

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... When connecting large wind farms to the power grid, they will typically be connected to weak grids. ... Grid applications for energy storage Smart Grid. ...

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Updated: 2010-08-10

Using wireless communication networks to enable outage ...

... the data center, where the OMS and other smart grid software systems ... As IEDs proliferate, become smarter and gather more information, capacity ...

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Updated: 2013-09-12

Power Update June 2013

... Free public Wi-Fi courtesy of smart grid technology A hot topic is the smart grid-to-"smart city" technology migration, or the idea that networks ...

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Updated: 2013-12-03

Power Update May 2013

... Using communications and the latest protocols for a smarter grid >> Watch Now, ... GA, >> From source to socket: how dumb is your "smart" grid? ...

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Updated: 2013-12-03

High Power Rectifiers for the DC Arc Furnace Industry The ...

... The smart solution for smooth and ... line quality and lower the impact on the power grid. ... demanding, especially in the case of weak grids in remote ...

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Updated: 2013-05-14

The evolving world of power Opportunities and challenges

... a valuable combination for the development of smart grids. ... the evolution of more flexible, reliable and smarter grids. ... to preparing the grid for electric ...

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Updated: 2010-08-20

Wireless communications for open-pit fleet management

... NEWS ABB collaborates on smart-grid distribu- tion automation solution for Germany ... shows potential for other European grids. ...

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Updated: 2014-10-23

From light to power

... tech- nologies that will bring about the transition from conventional grids to smart grids. ABB's solar inverters are, of course, smart-grid compatible. ...

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Updated: 2009-12-09