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ABB Smart Lab

... electrical grids are managed, changing from “passive” to “active”. This evolution is identified internationally by the term 'Smart Grid' - indicating ...

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Updated: 2012-10-05

UniPack-G Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Compact ...

... UniPack-G Smart Grid Compatibility May 15, 2014 | Slide 24 © ABB Group Page 25. ... Smart Grid Compatibility May 15, 2014 | Slide 25 © ABB Group ...

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Updated: 2014-05-15

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... on new roles in managing the evolving grids. ... not only helping to make the grid smarter, but are ... expan- sion of applications for smart grid technology ...

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Updated: 2010-04-19

Solar Development Program_6.indd

... Smart grids – the electrical system of the future The smart grid of the future will have to meet four requirements: it will have to increase capacity ...

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Updated: 2010-08-31

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... then be fed into the vessel's electrical grid. ... brain behind our energy-smart integrated power ... user interface, reliability, and smarter functionality and ...

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Updated: 2012-08-27

Article PCS100 - ABB's innovative power electronics solutions ...

... provide a new dimension in developing smart grids allowing for a ... Benefits – Improved plant efficiency – Grid code compliance – Enhanced network ...

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Updated: 2012-06-12

Power Update - February 2012

... improve reliability and economic operation; integrate renewable power into the grid; and increase ... I'd like to talk to someone about smart grids. ...

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Updated: 2013-12-05

Dawn of a new age

... ment to building a smarter grid, the company ... art power electron- ics, smart grid interfacing and ... Simon Felsenstein ABB ISI Smart Grids, E-mobility ...

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Updated: 2010-07-08

ABB ABB at CIRED 2013 – Smart distribution solutions ...

Medium Voltage Products and Systems > ABB at CIRED 2013 – Smart distribution solutions

... and features of IEDs to realize active control and protection of smart grids. ... Technologies of the self healing grid; Smart compact secondary ...

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Updated: 2013-04-30

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... When connecting large wind farms to the power grid, they will typically be connected to weak grids. ... Grid applications for energy storage Smart Grid. ...

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Updated: 2010-08-10