Industrial IT - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Industrial IT?

A. This term describes the ABB group commitment to bridging the gap between industrial assets and the information technology (IT) needed to make them work seamlessly together in real time.

Q. What is Industrial IT Enabled?

A. This designation describes products from ABB and selected partners which are equipped with standard information characteristics necessary to support the component as part of a broader Industrial IT system. ABB tests and certifies the technologies for compliance at one of four levels -- ranging from presentation of base product information in common electronic formats, to extended aspect data that may be exchanged between components to optimize the system in which they are working.

Q. What is an Aspect Object?

A. This unique software shell bundles electronic product characteristics (Aspects) -- such as instruction manuals, drawings, remote control faceplates, and configuration tools -- into a “virtual” replica of the real component, for mouse-click access to the information required to install, configure, operate, and optimize it. For a comparison, think of the CD-ROM provided with many personal computer products – containing drivers, fonts, connectivity instructions, etc.

Q. What is the Aspect Integrator Platform? (AIP)

A. This MS Windows-based architecture sets the standard for all ABB and Industrial IT technologies. The platform allows grouping of Aspect Objects in easy-to-navigate structures tailored to the needs of operations, maintenance, or management personnel – for configuration, support, or evaluation of each component within the context of its larger system. The AIP facilitates real-time interaction between the characteristics (Aspects) of certified system components, and allows easy modeling of new objects into their individual Aspect parts.

Q. Which technologies will ABB certify as Industrial IT Enabled?

A. ABB has defined some 30 functional categories of Industrial IT hardware, software, and service technology “building blocks” – which measure, control, power, protect, optimize, support, etc. individual steps in the enterprise value chain. Many of these relate directly to ABB products such as sensors, controllers, switchgear, safety systems, etc.

Although Aspect Object technology is most commonly associated with plant or business devices, the AIP offers the same object-modeling approach to finished products, raw materials, etc. – dynamically linking the individual requirements of each with the productive assets required to produce them. In the enterprise of the future, for example, the process of ordering a new automobile might automatically trigger a series of detailed events across the collaborative value chain, ala “I need four whitewall tires, one V-6 engine, and one premium stereo on hand next Tuesday to complete this order.”

Q. When will customers benefit from Industrial IT Enabled products?

A. Immediate benefit will be derived from the very first product, as customers find all the information required to install, operate, and maintain in one easy-to-use software object. As the portfolio of enabled technologies from ABB and its partners grows, real-time integration and optimization through the Aspect Integrator Platform will increase in direct proportion.

Q. Will Industrial IT Enabled products cost more?

A. Base-level “information enabling” as part of ABB’s common group processes will have little impact on product cost. Significant incremental value will be achieved as technologies take greater advantage of the licensed Aspect Integrator Platform, and certified ABB products are combined as part of broader solutions.

Last edited 2004-10-14
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