ABB photo competition 2004 results

In May, ABB launched an international photo competition with the goal of illustrating the company’s business principles. After reviewing hundreds of entries, we have chosen our winners.

Xing Zuo Gang, China. Snow and traditions rest on the shoulders of this Buddhist disciple. On an inhospitable day like this, can the wisdom of the ages help him find equanimity?

Mobility as an act of graceful consideration; a young, strong family member carries an elderly aunt. When did someone last carry you? Did you ever shoulder such a weight?
In Shanghai, a scrap collector pulls <br>his harvest of plastic bottles to the recycling plant. Life is tough, but even rubbish can feed a family.

The business principles of responsibility, respect and determination were formulated to guide the way ABB employees behave towards each other, towards our customers and business partners, and towards our shareholders and the communities where ABB does business.

A photo competition is a creative way to bring our business principles to life, and to help ABB promote these principles to employees and customers, as well as to worldwide opinion makers.

Some 750 entries later, we are pleased to announce the winners of our competition.

The judging was difficult, with so many good pictures to choose from - some were amusing, some heart-warming or thought provoking. All of them, however, showed insight, consideration and empathy for our principles of responsibility, respect and determination.

In the end we selected 62 pictures - each depicting one of the principles in action. Each winner has been awarded a prize of $500. Three overall winners - one for each business principle - will receive an additional $1000. All winners have been, or will be notified by a local ABB representative.

As well as the on-line photo gallery, we have produced a limited edition photo book and a series of calendars. We are holding an internal collection for the books, the proceeds of which will be donated to an educational development project in China. With this gesture, we hope to cement our commitment to responsibility, respect and determination.

Finally, we congratulate all the winners - and want to thank everyone who submitted an entry. We hope you like the photos we’ve chosen, and enjoyed being a part of the business principles dialogue.

Last edited 2007-05-23
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