ABB highlights 50 years of HVDC technology

About 40 journalists from a dozen countries went to Gotland, Sweden, for a media event marking the 50th anniversary of HVDC (high-voltage direct current) technology pioneered by ABB.

The following resources are available for the media.

Pioneered by ABB, HVDC sets new standards in power transmission
ABB’s high-end technology leadership and pioneering spirit have taken power transmission to new levels, setting new standards. The advantages of HVDC technology and ABB’s patented HVDC Light technology include ensuring the reliability of power supply.
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ABB marks 50th anniversary of pioneering HVDC technology
ABB marked the 50th anniversary of its pioneering of HVDC (high-voltage direct current) technology with a series of events on the Swedish island of Gotland – the site of the first HVDC line, which was commissioned in 1954.
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ABB's HVDC - examples of excellence worldwide
ABB’s HVDC and patented HDC Light systems have been installed worldwide, setting new industry standards. From China and Australia to the United States and Brazil, ABB’s technology is setting new records.
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History of ABB’s HVDC expertise
The past 50 years have been marked by a series of landmark events in the development and deployment of HVDC technology – from their relatively humble beginnings in Gotland to major projects around the world.
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The first transmission lines on Gotland
The first commercial HVDC link, pioneered by ABB, ran between the Swedish mainland and the island of Gotland 90 kilometers away. The impact was immediate and led to further development of the technology.
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      The push for renewable forms of energy has brought wind power plants to southern Gotland. The electrical system on Gotland, owned by Gotlands Energiverk AB (GEAB), normally has no energy production except from wind power. The power is provided from the mainland with frequency regulated by the HVDC link.

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