Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below you will find some frequently asked questions.

Can I apply for entry into the program in any country?

For the GTP for CD: yes, since this is a global job ad with no restrictions; place of employment is Zurich, Switzerland for all trainees.

For the GTPs for Finance, IS and M&S: no, the general rule is that you can only apply if your home country is listed under "How to apply" for the intake date in question. The only exception to the afore-mentioned rule applies if you possess a valid working permit for another country (e.g. your present country of residence). In this case you may apply for entry in that country as well, however, please enclose a copy of your permit with your application documentation.

My home country is not listed - what do I do?

If your home country is not included in the country contact list, the ABB entity in this country has decided not to recruit for the next intake date. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot apply for the GTP. Nevertheless, please check our posted vacancies on our career pages.
This rule does not apply to application for the GTP for CD (see query above).

I have a different educational background than the one defined in the target group - can I still apply?

Since our programs have been specifically designed for individuals with a particular focus, an educational background differeing substantially from the requirements will most likely not be sufficient to pass the first screening. Therefore, individuals with university degrees other than those stated under "Who can apply?" should not apply for this particular program.

Do I need an MSc degree to apply?

For the GTP for CD: yes, the minimum requirement is a degree at Masters level.

For the GTP for Finance, IS and M&S: not necessarily, we must take into account the differences in degree courses in various countries and will assess each application individually. Consequently, in some countries a bachelor's degree will have covered the necessary level of depth and specialization required. However, if in doubt please get in touch with the contact person indicated in the respective job ad.

Is your target group restricted to defined business schools and universities?


What does Diversity and Inclusion stand for?

The program is open to qualified applicants from all countries and no discrimination shall be made in the selection process on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age or disability.

On the contrary, at ABB we are convinced that such differences are regarded as valued resources. Diversity and Inclusion at ABB stands for attracting, developing and retaining talent to ensure superior business growth and performance, providing equal opportunities, treating people with respect and dignity according to our Business Principles, valuing differences and the contribution of all employeesand investigating all cases of unfair discrimination in the workplace and taking appropriate action.

ABB's various trainee programs - how do I choose the right one?

We have several global and local trainee programs for entry in a number of countries. Programs differ in duration, learning scope, level of global experience and business focus.

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