The creation of FACTS

Flexible AC Transmission Systems: from design to delivery

Fifty percent of all FACTS projects worldwide have been delivered by ABB. All the main technologies within the FACTS family were pioneered by ABB - series compensation in 1950, static var compensation (SVC) in 1972, and SVC Light in 1998 – and they are all engineered by ABB.

FACTS SVC, Viklandet, Norway

ABB is the only supplier with a complete portfolio of FACTS technologies. This allows us to focus on the most appropriate solution, not steer it towards a particular product or offering.


ABB has a unique bank of knowledge and expertise based on the delivery of more than 700 FACTS projects worldwide, in a range of applications and voltages from 10 kV to 800 kV.

We can simulate any type of power system, of any size and in any part of the world, and identify the problems in the system and their appropriate solutions.

Design and Manufacturing

ABB has the resources to run 30 FACTS projects at the same time – a vast capacity that enables us to implement projects both large and small simultaneously. All key components are manufactured in-house to ensure quality and secure lead times.

Delivery times

Most FACTS projects take between 12 and 18 months to complete. If the need is pressing, ABB has the capacity, experience and procedures to deliver at speed – faster than any other supplier.

The result

Transmission capacity will have been radically and optimally increased - increases of more than 100 percent have been achieved – much faster and at much lower cost than the alternative of erecting new transmission lines or investing in new generation facilities.

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    The evolution of FACTS

    • ABB pioneered FACTS technology in the 1950s and remains the uncontested leader in technological innovation and market share to this day. In the last 50 years, ABB has executed more than 600 FACTS projects and has stood for the vast majority of technology breakthroughs.

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