The creation of SCADA/EMS/GMS

SCADA/EMS/GMS - From design to delivery

Network Manager - ABB’s standard EMS/GMS solution
ABB’s standard EMS/GMS system is Network Manager, a recent upgrade of SPIDER and RANGER, two of the most widely used systems in the power industry.

Scope of supply
Most projects are put to tender, of which about one in four are awarded to ABB. ABB’s scope of supply varies from the delivery of hardware and customized software for the network control system, to the design and construction of large-scale turnkey installations.

Detailed planning and data engineering
A project begins with a detailed functional description where the customer and ABB make a precise description of project functionality. This is followed by a detailed description of the electrical network using ABB’s unique data engineering tool. One of the most important phases in data engineering is drawing the connectivity schedule of the entire system, which might run to several hundred thousand power system objects like circuit breakers, power lines and cables, and thousands of other components like distribution power transformers.

Customization and construction
Each ABB solution is based on a standard Network Manager platform, which is engineered to meet specific customer requirements. The systems are constructed at Houston, Texas for customers in the Americas, or in Västerås, Sweden for customers in the rest of the world. In addition to these two competence centers, ABB has local SCADA expertise in each market to assist in project execution.

Testing and installation
When the system has been built and the data integrated, intensive testing follows at Houston or Västerås to ensure that the system complies with the customer’s specifications. It is then shipped to the customer, installed on site, and the measurement points connected. This last phase can take several months. Prior to handover, a final functional and availability test is performed

After warranty ABB offers its customers service and maintenance, including the provision of long-term service contracts that keep the customer’s system constantly upgraded to the latest version of Network Manager. This enables the customer to run an "evergreen" system, always equipped with the latest hardware and software, in contrast to the usual "forklift" system replacement after 10 to 15 years.

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