The Creation of Power Cable Systems

Power cable systems: From design to delivery

ABB is today a leading supplier of efficient, environmentally friendly, high-quality cable system solutions at all network voltage levels. We produce cable accessories and AC or DC cables with polymeric- or paper-insulation, and we offer turnkey solutions as well as project management.

Complete supplier
ABB has delivered more than 6,000 kilometers of XLPE (polymeric insulation) cables since the 1970s. We can offer the entire power cable system, in which products and systems are tailor-made to work together. A pre-study of the present system will enable us to create an optimal power transmission solution in terms of reliability, economy, safety and environment. We help our customers optimize the investment throughout the cable system’s entire service life.

Whether our customers require basic cables or accessories or complex systems, our goal is to offer the best solution. We design and manufacture our products in accordance with internationally approved standards and/or according to customer specifications.

Our factory for cable accessories is located in Alingsås, and the production plant for power cables is in Karlskrona, Sweden. Our factories are among the most modern in the world, using state-of-the-art production and testing facilities.

The cable factory has production lines for paper-insulated cables and for XLPE cables. There are two XLPE extrusion lines, one CCV (Catenary Continuous Vulcanization) and one VCV-line (Vertical Continuous Vulcanization). We are able to manufacture XLPE-cables up to a voltage of 550 kV, and conductor cross-sections up to 3,000 mm2. Paper-insulated cables can be manufactured up to a voltage of 600 kV. Right next to the factory is a deep harbor that can take ocean-going vessels all year round. Cables can be loaded onto vessels straight from the factory. This allows us to supply cables in the maximum lengths that suit the customer’s requirements and the capacity of the vessel. This in turn means fewer joints and faster cable laying.

Civil works and installation
ABB has extensive and solid installation experience under the most trying conditions. Together with the customer, we review the project and evaluate cable construction, routing, trenching conditions and time frame for the project. The installation of cable systems consists mainly of trenching, cable pulling, clamping and mounting of accessories. ABB´s certified installers perform the high-quality work necessary to achieve a reliable operation of the cable system. ABB has long and direct experience in different installation technologies like direct burial, duct, shaft, trough and tunnel, as well as trenchless technologies like directional drilling and pipe-jacking, and submarine installations to offshore platforms and wind farms.

The standard routine tests, sample tests, type tests and after-laying tests are normally performed according to IEC standards. Other international or national standards may be followed upon agreement between the contractor and purchaser. Our laboratory houses well-equipped testing bays where the cables are tested at very high voltages. In our modern research laboratory, we develop the cables of the future so that we can continue to meet the needs of our customers for high transmission power and maximum reliability.

Project management
You can trust us with everything in a total turnkey project. We handle the entire life cycle of the project, from planning and route surveys through to manufacturing, transport, jointing, testing and commissioning.

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