Vietnam, 7-8 March, Asia Channel Partner Summit

2017-03-23 - A hugely successful event in Ho Chi Minh City

ABB expands its modular UPS product offering for data centers in North America

2017-03-06 - 480V UL version of Conceptpower DPA 500, now with an optimized 300kW UPS cabinet, complementing the data center power chain for ABB

ABB uninterruptible power supplies: Light industrial UPS versus commercial UPS

2017-02-27 - [No lead text]

Maximum UPS efficiency in all loading conditions

2016-11-15 - ABB’s Xtra VFI / double conversion mode delivers maximum efficiency by dynamically adjusting the DPA 500 UPS configuration to match the load

ABB’s UPS makes a show in Vietnam

2016-10-06 - ABB’s DPA UPScale ST UPS and PCS 100 featured at power and automation show in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

ABB Cyberex®SuperSwitch®4 200-1000A digital static transfer switch now available

2016-08-25 - 208V and 480V SuperSwitch®4 digital static transfer switches (DSTS) offer improved power quality detection, reliability, and serviceability

Global Partner Summit 2016 “Partners in Power"

2016-07-04 - In the middle of June, around 100 guests from over 40 countries around the world assembled in Quartino, Switzerland for our 2016 Global Partner Summit. The event turned out to be a resounding success and it was the most visited partner summit we have had so far.

ABB modular UPS now available for small to mid‐sized data centers in North America

2016-05-18 - RICHMOND, VA, United States - Conceptpower DPA product expansion with 208V and 415V UL versions designed to easily scale for incremental additions of clean, reliable power.

ABB Industrial UPS offers faster and more accurate fault detection

2016-05-17 - RICHMOND, VA, United States - PowerBuilt™ industrial UPS delivers an expanded power range from 10 kVA to 80 kVA product availability designed for better load protection

A new name for Newave

2016-04-28 - Newave now fully integrated into ABB

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