COM600S meets diverse customer needs in smart substations

2017-08-07 - The substation management unit COM600S, intended for IEC markets, now features a brand-new, enhanced and lighter IEC 61850-3-certified hardware unit, the Windows Standard Embedded 8 operating system, as well as substation analytics.

ABB’s grid automation solution increases reliability of BP oil refinery

2017-08-02 - BP Kwinana Refinery increased its network’s reliability and moreover its personnel’s safety and reduced the risk of substation damage caused by arc flash by using a new concept of bus transfer with ABB’s high-speed transfer device SUE 3000.

ABB provides the first ever Sustainable Modular Protection Automation and Control building to PG&E for pilot installation

2017-08-02 - These pilot projects are the first of their kind to incorporate the new SMP standards

Smart grids are getting smarter

2017-08-02 - Digitalization makes distribution grids autonomous in a pilot project in Norway

Enhanced MySiteCondition to assess the condition of all key switchgear

2017-07-27 - ABB announces an enhanced solution for the life cycle assessment of electrical systems. The comprehensive asset condition and risk assessment approach, part of ABB Ability™, provides an objective base for decision-making

The best in safety

2017-07-26 - Relay factory and primary service center in Finland took first place in a local health, safety and environment (HSE) competition

Exploring tomorrow’s distribution grid at ABB’s global DA Partner Conference 2017

2017-07-07 - Around a hundred business partners and their main ABB contacts from more than twenty countries and six continents gathered for the Distribution Automation Partner Conference 2017 in Vaasa, Finland in the beginning of June. The conference took a closer look at recent developments within distribution automation and showed how ABB’s groundbreaking products and cutting-edge technology can be combined to create solutions for the customers’ business requirements.

ABB is keeping the power on at Safe Host’s data center in Switzerland

2017-06-30 - The pioneering technology leader ABB has provided a reliable and energy-efficient power distribution solution, based on medium-voltage UniSec switchgear, to safeguard the distribution of power and ensure uptime at the largest data center in Switzerland. The readily adaptable and innovative solution takes full advantage of ABB’s sensor technology to maximize uptime and bring considerable energy savings.

ABB extends medium-voltage DC breaker range

2017-06-29 - ABB introduces a new version of its high-speed bi-directional direct current (DC) circuit breaker, DCBreak, for rolling stock applications covering 1500 V systems as well as protective metallic enclosures for the entire DCBreak family.

ABB solidifies its position as a technological leader

2017-06-15 - In keeping with its strategy to remain a leader in technology, ABB has developed a substantial number of new, innovative medium-voltage products for distribution automation over the last three years.

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