PRODUCT UPDATE: Manufacturing Operations Management MES 7.0 is now released

2018-06-06 - The new version of the Manufacturing Execution System is now released. This software enables to meet the market and customer requirements on digitally enabled plants where production processes and enterprise systems are connected to provide end-to-end visibility of entire operations and allow prompt decisions-making.

ABB Technology Ventures invests in Indian food industry startup

2018-06-04 - [No lead text]

ABB to help double production capacity for copper concentrator in Kazakhstan

2018-05-18 - ABB AbilityTM MineOptimize provides integrated process and power control and serves as the digital foundation for new production line.

Czech Potato Starch maker uses ABB Ability to streamline production

2018-05-18 - ABB has completed stage one of a new installation of ABB Ability™ System 800xA for LYCKEBY AMYLEX Horažïovice, Czech Republic’s biggest potato starch producer.

PRODUCT UPDATE: ABB Ability System 800xA Software Demo in the Cloud

2018-05-18 - The System 800xA Software Demo has been updated to version There are two versions of the demo, the first one being a demo in the cloud and the second one being a downloadable virtual machine for local execution.

Webinar invitation Apr 25 and May 8: System 800xA Engineering

2018-05-08 - Learn about how ABB Ability™ System 800xA Engineering gives you possibilities to work faster and more efficient within your projects.

Do purchasing teams really need to worry about Functional Safety & SIL?

2018-05-08 - Functional safety compliance and the important role of the commercial / purchasing team

Webinar invitation May 14 and 17: Modular Automation

2018-04-27 - Modular Automation will be a game changer for future process plants. Modularization of process automation systems will help reduce time to market, increase automation efficiency and improve production flexibility.

ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations Center opens in Germany to support industrial automation

2018-04-19 - [No lead text]

ABB provides modular enabled automation solutions for the process industry

2018-04-10 - Modular automation is the corner stone of future process plants and crucial in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, enabling reduced time to market, increased automation efficiency and higher flexibility.

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