Network Manager

Are you responsible for energy system operation and looking for solutions?

Network Manager is the SCADA/EMS/GMS/DMS solution for large independent system operators, transmission and distribution companies, and small municipalities. Network Manager also serves grid operations for gas and multi-utilities, as well as industries.

Network Manager is the control center solution for transmission (SCADA/EMS including WAMS, Wide Area Monitoring System), generation (SCADA/GMS), distribution (SCADA/DMS and stand-alone DMS) and central market management (MMS).

Our Network Manager solutions monitor and control power systems, optimize resources and provide fault diagnosis and outage management. We also provide market management functions for energy trading.

Ventyx, an ABB company, offers a comprehensive service program including helpdesk support, patch management, training and multiyear support agreements, as well as upgrades.

For more information on the solutions you are looking for, just follow the links below:

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