ABB makes low voltage electronic relays (thermistor relays, timer relays, monitoring relays, safety relays, interface relays, solid state relays, etc.) as well as protective relays for generators, transformers and substations.


  • Low Voltage Electronic Relays

    Low Voltage Electronic Relays

    A comprehensive Electronic Relay assortment with a nice design and customer oriented functions. Including Thermistors Relays, Timer Relays, Monitoring Relays, Safety Relays, Interface Relays and Solid State Relays

  • Protective relays

    Protective relays

    For protection, monitoring and control

  • Radio Relay Systems

    Radio Relay Systems

    Synthesizer for easy change of TX/RX frequency, modular concept for high flexibility, wide range of transmission capacity and wide range of frequency bands

  • Sudden pressure relay

    Sudden pressure relay

    The ABB Sudden Pressure Relay is a device that detects a sudden rise in gas pressure within a power transformer and forces a microswitch to temporarily change state.

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