Doubling substation capacity in a Lisbon nature reserve

2014-03-24 - The latest high-voltage hybrid GIS technology from ABB facilitates easy and quick substation extensions in areas with space constraints

The Fernão Ferro substation is located inside the nature reserve of Rede Natura Fernão Ferro near the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. Built in 1980 with an installed capacity of 378 MVA (megavolt amperes) and voltage levels of 150/60 kV (kilovolts), the substation was no longer able to meet the growing demand for power from the surrounding areas. However, extending the perimeter was not an option, given its protected location.

The answer was a compact substation solution, with the latest hybrid GIS (gas-insulated switchgear) technology of the type ELK from ABB. Thanks to the ELK hybrid solution, the transmission utility Redes Energéticas Nacionais (REN) which owns the substation, was able to more than double its capacity to 826 MVA, facilitated by installation of six 420 kV hybrid GIS bays.

The ELK hybrid switchgear comes in standardized modules that combine the advantages of encapsulated technology with the simplicity of air-insulated switchgear (AIS), requiring up to 70 percent less space. It also makes the extension of AIS substations with compact GIS technology simple, easy and fast.

ELK Hybrid 420 kV
The contract for the 420 kV substation was awarded to ABB in February 2013 to supply six ELK-3 hybrid GIS 420 kV with standardized GIS modules. ABB also oversaw the project and site management and managed the coordination of all counterparts involved. As part of this turnkey scope, ABB was responsible for the design, engineering, project management, supply, installation and commissioning of the 420kV GIS equipment.

The Fernão Ferro substation was successfully energized in December 2013. It will play a major role in increasing the security of electricity supply throughout the Setúbal Peninsula, while ensuring that the ecology and natural beauty of the nature reserve is not affected by the demands of higher power transmission capacity.

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