ABB extends its IE4 SynRM motor concept to fixed speed applications

2015-04-09 - The new IE4 DOLSynRM motor concept will bring the benefits of ABB’s award-winning SynRM technology to a broad range of fixed speed motor applications.

ABB announced today that it was introducing a new IE4 super premium energy efficiency DOLSynRM motor concept for fixed speed applications, which is based on its award-winning synchronous reluctance (SynRM) technology.

Since its introduction in 2011, ABB’s SynRM (synchronous reluctance) technology has been proven in many variable speed applications, such as pumps, fans, compressors and extruders. Thanks to its high efficiency and proven reliability, SynRM has gained more and more confidence among high efficiency motor users.

Previous SynRM motors from ABB have been designed exclusively for variable speed operation. However, most of the world’s motors are still operated at fixed speed – just like the new DOLSynRM. With this new technology, more ABB customers can enjoy the benefits of the SynRM technology.

ABB’s primary focus is the 1–200 kW power range and 1500 rpm applications, which covers the vast majority of the low voltage motor market.

Like any new synchronous technology motor type, DOLSynRM’s energy savings potential is greatest with small motors. This is because these technologies eliminate rotor losses – and rotor losses have the biggest impact on total losses in small motors.

“OEM customers have previously had limited high-efficiency motor options for small, fixed speed applications,” said Ari Tammi, Product Market Manager at ABB. “This new DOLSynRM concept targets a white space with significant opportunity for energy savings.”

DOLSynRM is magnet free and offers the main benefits associated with the SynRM concept: efficiency, reliability due to the low bearing temperature, and service friendliness. During start-up, the motor works like an induction motor. At full speed, the motor synchronizes and continues as a synchronous reluctance motor with eliminated rotor losses and high efficiency.

DOLSynRM complements ABB’s already extensive range of high efficiency motor solutions. Based on two platforms, induction motors and the SynRM technology portfolio, ABB can offer OEMs optimized high efficiency motors throughout the power range, for both fixed and variable speed applications. Meanwhile, ABB continues to push the research and development frontline for IE5 concept motors and beyond.

Contact person:

Ari Tammi
Product Market Manager

ABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility, industry, and transport and infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental

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