New Electrical Installation Handbook

2006-06-28 - The new Electrical Installation Handbook, available in English, provides the designer with a valid work tool for rapid consultation.

This publication is not intended as a catalogue or theoretical document, but is a help in making correct selection of plant components for the various types of installation.

It is organised in two volumes, put together inside a casket and also includes a CD with the “Curves 1.0” software, destined for those working in the electrical design sector.
Now in its fourth edition, the Electrical Installation Handbook has been updated with inclusion of the Tmax T7 and Emax X1 circuit-breakers.
Furthermore, chapters and annexes dedicated to the following have been added:

  • application examples (advanced protection functions with the PR123/P and PR333/P releases)
  • calculation of the short-circuit currents
  • harmonics.

    The index of contents of the two volumes and of the CD is given below.

    Volume 1 - Protection and control devices
  • Protection releases and trip curves of ABB circuit-breakers
  • Derating tables (temperature and altitude)
  • Coordination tables
  • Special applications (direct current, 400 Hz and 16 2/3 Hz, 1000 V d.c. and 1000 V a.c.)
  • Switchgear
  • Application examples using the advanced protection functions

    Volume 2 - Electrical Devices
  • Line protection and sizing
  • Protection and operation of lighting circuits, generators, motors and transformers
  • Power factor correction, and capacitor bank protection and operation
  • Protection of people against direct and indirect contacts, and distribution systems
  • Calculation of short-circuit currents
  • Harmonics

    Software - "Curves 1.0"
    The programme is able to display:
  • the time-current curves
  • the specific let-though energy curves
  • the peak limitation curves
  • the curves regarding cables and fuses
  • the selectivity and back-up values which can be obtained using combinations of ABB circuit-breakers.

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