PCS100 Energy Storage System provides a battery solution to one of Switzerland’s largest energy distributors

2012-08-08 - ABB, together with the Canton of Zurich’s power company (EKZ), has successfully installed a 1 MW capacity battery solution at the Dietikon Powerplant. The battery is integrated with ABB’s PCS100 ESS (Energy Storage System) and is the largest of its kind to be installed in the Swiss distribution network. By improving power quality and grid stabilization, the PCS100 ESS will help preserve 500 kWh of energy – the equivalent consumed by a four-person household in 40 days.

The system was built over a nine-month period, and it is now incorporated into the medium voltage network of the EKZ. This will allow ABB and the customer to closely monitor the integration and behaviour of the battery storage, which will help gain experience in the use and grid application, providing valuable knowledge for future installations.

The solutions supplied by ABB included a frequency converter that utilises efficient power semiconductor technology to convert the AC supply into DC for use by the battery, and vice versa. The battery is equipped with ABB control and protection systems. Based upon the input parameters and the defined equipment footprint, it was decided to package the PCS100 ESS modules within a forced-air heated/cooled freestanding enclosure rated for outdoor applications. The PCS100 ESS was for the first time integrated together with LG Chem batteries and supervisory controls. Battery integration and packaging was performed by ABB in Hungary.

Peter Franks, head of Energy Distribution at EKZ commented, "We are very pleased that we were able to implement this pioneering project here in Dietikon. This compensates for battery memory, short-term load changes in the distribution grid and serving locally produced electricity that again, can bring interesting new approaches to the distribution network operators. The knowledge we gain with this system contributes to securing the future of energy."

Robert Itschner, Head of T&D Substations in ABB Switzerland reiterated, "We are interested in how the system will prove charging and discharging of the battery bank in the field, in order to develop algorithms that allow optimal operation. The findings are to lead the way for such facilities, for the use of renewable energies, and their optimal use will continue to play an important role. Energy storage is a key component of future smart electricity grids."

The two companies can look back on an already long and close relationship and are confident in PCS100’s ability to help improve network stability and ensure greater security of supply.

EKZ is one of the largest Swiss energy distribution companies. An estimated one million people benefit from a safe, environmentally friendly power supply generated by EKZ. EKZ is involved with numerous measures to increase energy efficiency and promote renewable energies.

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