ABB the lead sponsor of Doble's Life of a TransformerTM Seminar in Europe

2014-06-16 - Doble Engineering Company’s Life of a Transformer Seminar in May focused on the diversity and complexity of the lifecycle of transformers, from their manufacture to electric power distribution to end of life. Attendees had the opportunity to learn practical information from industry leaders including leading experts at ABB. For the very first time, the seminar took place in Italy. ABB was the host manufacturer and a proud sponsor, offering factory tours of the Small Power Transformer factory in Monselice and the Comem Components factory in Montebello.

More than 200 attendees from five countries, including Europe, India, Saudi Arabia, Africa and America attended the technical training and Industry Expo. About 40 percent of the attendees were representatives from utilities throughout the world. They raised interesting issues concerning the various ways in which power is distributed in their respective countries.

The technical agenda of the program offered attendees practical information from industry experts that can be used at any point in the lifecycle of their transformers. Topics on the technical agenda presented by ABB technical experts included transformer design and manufacturing, autotransformers, insulation and tap-changers, short-circuit withstand and low noise.

Additionally ABB's Italian sites accommodated some 100 attendees for tours in the Monselice (PD) and Montebello Vicentino (VI) production departments, providing technical details about the construction and quality that have made ABB the transformer industry's world-wide leader.

The ABB transformer factory in Monselice has been in operation for over 60 years and is specialized in small power transformers ranging from 10 – 63 MVA. The facility portfolio also includes transformers with more than three windings, single-phase transformers, autotransformers and specialty layouts. Guests visiting the Monselice facility were able to ascertain the plant's production excellence in a tour that led them through all the issues discussed during the detailed technical explanation provided by ABB at the seminar.

Technical matters concerning new technologies allowing transformers to be connected to Smart Grids were discussed at ABB's Montebello facility. The visitors were also able to appreciate the high-level technology with which the apparatus are produced, such as the SDB maintenance-free dehydrating breather, the ePRD pressure-relief valve, the eBR Buchholz relay, the eOLI oil level gauge and the CRS insulator made with the solid insulation technique.

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