Emergency power concerns for an emergency care provider

2018-05-24 - A major Swiss ambulance service is inoculating its IT and communications systems against unanticipated power issues by installing the latest UPS power supply system from ABB

SALVA (Ambulance Service Association for Locarno and Surrounding Valleys) provides the Locarno area in Switzerland with a medical transport service, as well as pre-hospital medical treatment and care. The organization is also dedicated to the training and education of the paramedics and volunteer staff who help to provide full geographic, 24/7 coverage and cope with the some 5,000 health emergencies annually in its district.

When a medical response is, literally, a matter of life and death, it is essential that IT and communication systems are 100 percent available to the response team. However, grid power can be lost at any time, without warning. For this reason, SALVA’s new 1,800-square-meter Locarno headquarters, which will be inaugurated in June 2018, will be equipped with an ABB DPA UPScale RI 40 rack-type uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

The RI 40 has two slide-in 20 kW redundant modules, which can provide 25 minutes of total autonomy at full load power.

The UPS is an all-in-one solution that includes the frame, UPS, battery and communications. The UPS design is based on ABB’s decentralized parallel architecture, which delivers unprecedented reliability, availability, low total cost of ownership, and simple service and maintenance.

Because DPA allows modules to be added as power needs grow, there is no need to over specify the original configuration. DPA reduces capital outlay and makes maintenance and service easy, since modules can simply be hot-swapped.

"We are proud to offer our expertise and product excellence to provide an optimal solution for such a sensitive customer as SALVA," comments Renzo Salmina, ABB’s UPS sales manager in Ticino. “SALVA personnel should only be concerned with medical emergencies, not power emergencies, and the RI 40 will stand as a highly reliable technology to help SALVA focus on its core mission.”

SALVA operates in accordance with the laws of the Ticino Canton. With a registered office in Locarno, SALVA is an apolitical, not-for-profit organization. With over 50 employees and 50 volunteers, a fleet of six ambulances and two medical cars fully equipped, Salva plays a significant role for emergency and non-emergency services throughout the Locarno region.

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