Infographic: Eliminating emissions from ships in port with shore-to-ship power

2011-09-12 - Onshore power supplies allow ships in the harbor to turn off their diesel engines and tap into cleaner energy sources.

Over 90 percent of the world’s cargo is transported by ship. Thousands of vessels carry this cargo around the globe and, along with cruise ships and private yachts, arrive at ports every day. Once in port they burn fossil fuels to maintain essential operations or onboard services to their passengers. This practice impacts the local environment, producing emissions, noise and vibrations, which affect the comfort of passengers and in the long-term affects the health and local environment of dock workers and port area inhabitants.

Fortunately ABB’s shore-to-ship power provides a solution to these problems. To illustrate this issue ABB has prepared an infographic highlighting the problems faced by ports around the world and the social and economic advantages to be gained from shore-based power connections. Shore-to-ship power connects vessels to the power grid providing benefits to ship owners, port authorities and utilities alike and is applicable to any vessel at any port.

ABB will be showcasing its shore-to-ship power technology at the Green Port Congress in Hamburg between the 14-15 September 2011.

To learn more, visit ABB Port Solutions.

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