New ABB e-Configure makes ordering simpler and project delivery faster

Zurich, Switzerland, 22.11.2016 – ABB has launched an online configurator that helps customers select and configure the correctly matched components for low-voltage protection and motor starting solutions, faster and more accurately.

The tool can make time-saving technical recommendations powered by software that uses the know-how, product and application knowledge of ABB’s engineers to guide users through the process. Since e-Configure is online it is continuously updated with product and solutions news.

Once some or more characteristics of the desired product or solution are selected, a net price is immediately computed to enable the customer to order the product or solution in a matter of seconds. Using this tool, the first of its kind on the market, it takes roughly half the time to fully configure a circuit breaker installation, including all accessories, as compared to the more conventional use of paper catalogues. And when configuring a motor-starting solution, e-Configure can generate a complete bill of materials in just 30 seconds instead of the usual 10 to 20 minutes, based on just a few user selections.

Giampiero Frisio, managing director of ABB’s Protection and Connection business, commented: “This easy-to-use tool demonstrates ABB’s commitment to digitalization, not only in terms of our product portfolio, but also when developing systems to make it easier for customers to carry out key tasks. We provide the best possible technical support at every opportunity to help all our customers access what they need more easily. e-Configure enables quick project delivery by bringing ABB’s know-how, quality and innovation quickly to a desktop anywhere in the world.”

Extensive tests have shown that e-Configure will make it easier to deliver the best possible technical solutions at the most competitive prices. Using the configurator with its in-built intelligence, the risk of errors during the selection and ordering process will be lower, which will make the pricing of bespoke solutions faster and more accurate. The integration of the tool with ABB’s logistics systems means that stock levels synchronize in real-time reducing stock shortage delays, which creates additional quality benefits and valuable time-savings.

Frisio added: “Customer feedback for e-Configure has been overwhelmingly positive. All the information customers need is integrated into one simple tool that interfaces with an online store, so that it takes just a few clicks to select all the components and add the accessories needed for a more professional, easy-to-assemble motor starting solution.”

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