Update on Tycho Brahe project


ABB is the supplier of the power and propulsion systems onboard Tycho Brahe, the world’s largest battery-driven ferry operating between Helsingör and Helsinborg. The modernization of the vessel (first commissioned in 1991) includes the supply of batteries, an energy storage control system and onboard DC Grid technology. At both ends of the route, ABB is also supplying fully automated shore-side charging stations that will optimize the connection time and maximize the charging period of the vessel. This pioneering technology is the world’s first automated shore-side charging solution that leverages 3D laser scanning and wireless communication between ship and shore.

In the pre-commissioning tests we experienced a technical challenge in the charging connection procedures under certain conditions. This meant that the automatic shore side charging system, although successfully tested in a simulated environment at the factory, needed additional testing in order to gain the required reliability for connecting and disconnecting the charging cables to and from the vessel.

This testing and the subsequent adjustments took longer than expected and to conduct some of the final tests for the charging towers, access to the vessel out of service was required. In order not to disturb the peak season traffic, it was agreed with HH Ferries that we would finalize this work after the summer season. The final tests are scheduled to be finished by end of August 2017.

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