Now available - the new manual on short-circuit in power transformers

2008-02-12 - Third enlarged edition, with updated bibliography and improved graphics: an indispensable text for anyone dealing with power transformers

Zurich, Switzerland, February 12, 2008 - The new edition of The ABB Approach to Short-Circuit Duty of Power Transformers is now out - a "classic" in the sector.

The volume, studied for specialists involved in designing, purchasing and using power transformers, deals with the subject of short-circuit and diagnosis of possible faults, making the most of the vast experience gained in the field by ABB, which can boast world leadership in these technologies.

The author, Giorgio Bertagnolli, has always dedicated himself to designing high-power transformers: manager of the "Short-circuit Strength" R&D project in ABB, he was Convenor of the IEC Working Groups which produced the 2000 and 2006 editions of IEC Standard 60076-5: Power Transformers - Part 5 - Ability to withstand short-circuit.

The ability to withstand short circuit is recognized as an essential requirement for power transformers. The handbook therefore opens with a general description of the physical phenomena that take place in power transformers when a short circuit occurs on the electric system. Possible mechanical failure modes concerning the windings are then described and reference is made to some design criteria to be followed in order to assure equipment integrity also on the occasion of fault events occurring on connected networks. The next few sections, which make up the bulk of the handbook, provide detailed descriptions of short-circuit test methods and interpretation of results and deal with numerical examples of calculation of typical power transformer electrical quantities as well as magnitude of fault currents which may affect the equipment.

Compared with the previous 1996 and 1998 editions, the new one is considerably enlarged, particularly in Section 6, “Failure modes caused by short-circuit forces”, and has got a far better graphic quality thanks to the extensive use of colours on graphs and diagrams.

More than hundred of short-circuit withstand tests have been carried out in ABB just in the last few decades, even on transformers with very high power (up to 775 MVA) and extremely high voltage (525 kV). The tests have made understanding phenomena associated with the electrodynamic forces which act on the windings easier, allowing suitable design criteria to be set up as well as definition of acceptable stress limits. The latest edition has also benefited from the discussions held among the experts of the Working Groups set up in the frame of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

"The book is excellent" says Mr. Reinhart Baehr, former Chairman of Study Committee 12 of CIGRE’. "In my view is the very best compilation of all the knowledge about this short-circuit - congratulations.”

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