Release of Protection and Control IED Manager PCM600 version 2.6


Dear Reader,

A new version (2.6) of Protection and Control IED Manager PCM600 has been released. PCM600 provides versatile functionalities for the entire life cycle of all Relion® Protection and Control IED applications.

New features and benefits / feature enhancements

  • Improved update manager simplifies the installation procedure of PCM600 updates, IED Connectivity Packages and language add-on’s
  • Composite functions in application configuration tool to realize user defined composite function blocks, containing logic and protection function blocks
  • Improved cyber security (secure communication to IEDs, security logs and user account management)
  • IEC 61850 Ed2 support
  • IED online status indication in the plant structure
  • Signal forcing of output signals in the signal monitoring tool
  • Improvements in the application configuration tool
  • Improvements in the parameter setting tool
  • Improved performance of the SCD import (for SCD files with GOOSE)
  • Improved performance when saving in the IEC 61850 configuration tool
  • Customer filter now persists after tool restart in the signal monitoring tool and in the event viewer tool
  • Possibility to include disturbance recorder files when exporting the project configuration (PCMP) and the IED configuration (PCMI) files
  • Scheduler for disturbance upload now supports a mail server with authentication
  • Windows 8 support
More details can be found in the release note.

The following documentation is available and can be found on in the ABB Substation Automation Software Library:
  • PCM600 Installation Guide
  • PCM600 Readme File
  • PCM600 Product Guide
  • PCM600 Getting Started Guide
The user documentation is available as on-line help in PCM600.

Products supported in this release
PCM600 supports the following protection and control products:
  • Relion® family: 670, 650, 630, 620, 615, 611, and 610 series
  • RIO600, RBX615, PML630
  • PWC600 and GMS600
  • REX521 and RE_54_ series
  • Selected SPACOM relays
  • REF542plus
IED Connectivity package support for PCM600 Ver. 2.6
For the best performance we recommend the latest versions/revisions of the IED Connectivity Packages available in the PCM600 update manager to be used together with PCM600 Ver. 2.6.

Life cycle statement
PCM600 Ver. 2.6 will replace all previous versions of PCM600. The replaced versions will be moved to obsolete phase in the software life cycle policy, which means that they will no longer be maintained.

Ordering and delivery information
PCM600 Ver. 2.6 is license free and can be downloaded free of charge from the ABB Substation Automation Software Library.

PCM600 can also be ordered on a CD using the following ordering number:

SoftwareOrdering number
PCM600 Ver. 2.6PCM600-26

The installation of PCM600 Ver. 2.6 gets started by running the installation program (Setup.exe).

  • PCM600 Ver. 2.6 can be installed in parallel to an already installed PCM600 Ver. 2.5 and another previous PCM600 Ver. 2.x.
Known limitations and supporting information
For technical limitations and supporting information, please refer to the PCM600 readme file. Some PCM600 functionality might not yet be available in all the available ABB IEDs. For further information please refer to the release notes of the IEDs respectively IED Connectivity Packages.

Yours faithfully,

Beat Schütz Henry Niveri
Global Product ManagerProduct Manager
Substation Automation Products Distribution Automation

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