3D KPI dashboard helps make the right decisions

Collaborating in a new dimension - When the managers or operators of a plant meet to discuss the challenges and tasks ahead, the graphic portrayal of trends, requirements and bottlenecks is essential to the identification of priorities and actions. ABB believes that tomorrows presenting solution will automatically collect data from different sources in the field, represent key performance indicators (KPIs) in an intuitive manner in conjunction with live process data.

Rather than a clunky keyboard and mouse, the solution have a smart-phone style multitouch screen with intuitive 3-D navigation. In cooperation with the Interactive Institute of Umeå (Sweden) and sponsored by ProcessIT Innovations, ABB has developed and installed the 3D KPI dashboard in the Obbola (Sweden) plant of the pulp and paper company, SCA.

The installation is a meeting room display, replacing the conventional projector screen, whiteboard or flip chart and relieving humans of the need to manually collect data. But, much more than that, the display is a highly intuitive interface and window into the plant, representing the fusion of an enterprise management system with tactile smart-phone technology.The viewer can seamlessly move from the plant-level KPIs to lower level KPIs and further down to individual process variables.
800xA 3D KPI dasboard on iPad

The system can interface with numerous data sources, including real-time process data streams, both from ABB’s Extended Automation System 800xA and from third-party sources such as accounting and inventory software (eg. SAP).

The solution is a useful addition to System 800xA, bringing the integration functionality already available at the operator workplace level to the collaboration and management levels while permitting other data sources such as SAP to be similarly integrated.

Read the whole article in ABB Review 2/2012

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