Tmax a new generation of circuit breakers from ABB

2004-01-13 - Tmax T1, T2 and T3 cover all requirements up to 250 A in a frame depth of just 70 mm

ABB’s new generation of Tmax moulded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) is designed to cover virtually any low voltage application up to 250 A in a range of just three frame sizes T1,T2,T3 with a common frame depth of 70 mm which alllows standardisation of fixing supports.

      The Tmax range has been developed to combine a very high level of performance, comparable to larger sized circuit breakers, with reduced overall dimensions, easy installation and increased safety for installers and operators thanks to the double insulation which is a first on this size of circuit-breaker. All three frame sizes feature an adjustable thermal threshold, while the mid-size T2 unit is also available with an electronic release for even greater flexibility.

      T1 rated up to 160 A, with a single pole version
      Tmax T1 is the most compact 160 A MCCB on the market. It has a short-circuit breaking capacity up to 36 kA at 415 V AC and its high performance when used as a general switchboard circuit breaker means that the short-circuit withstand control tests (IEC 60439-1) do not have to be carried out. All the installer has to do is follow ABB’s instructions to obtain a certified AS (Standard Apparatus) or ANS (Non-Standard Apparatus) switchboard.

      In addition, ABB has developed a single-pole circuit breaker, Tmax T1 1P, able to cover currents up to 160 A at service voltages up to 240 V AC. It is identical to the standard T1 with the exception of its width, which is the 24.5 mm size typical of single-pole circuit breakers. It can therefore be installed in distribution switchboards using a base plate, or even side by side with other Tmax circuit-breakers.

      T2 intelligence and high performance

    Tmax T2 is the only 160 A circuit breaker on the market which is capable of offering a short-circuit breaking capacity of 85 kA at 415 V AC in such compact dimensions. This is made possible by an advanced double breaking system with forked moving contacts. In addition to the adjustable thermomagnetic release common to the Tmax series, the T2 also offers an optional electronic release which provides a large and varied selection of setting curves to broaden the available selectivity functions for even greater flexibility.

      Tmax T2 also facilitates coordination for motor protection up to 45 kW at 415 V AC.

      T3 up to 250 A
    Extensive research and development has enabled ABB to create Tmax T3 as the most compact 250 A MCCB on the market. Thanks to the same 70 mm frame depth as the T1 and T2, the T3 can use the same standardised fixing supports. This means that everything from a 250 A to 50 A circuit breaker can now be installed on a DIN EN 50022 rail.

    Tmax T3 also facilitates coordination for motor protection up to 90 kW at 415 V AC.
    Common features
      An important feature across the Tmax range is a new design of arcing chamber which rapidly reduces peak currents. Both fixed pattern circuit circuit breakers and the fixed base plug-in versions have the same terminals and the Tmax is compatible with the Unifix H flexible distribution system for rapid assembly. Cut-outs are standardised at 45 mm for all three frame sizes while a patented flange eliminates the need for drilling and fixing screws.

      Residual current releases
      A new range of residual current protection devices has been designed to complement the Tmax series. The three-pole and four-pole releases are designed and constructed to optimise space within the switchboard and can be simply and easily coupled to the circuit breaker with no need for workshop fitting.

      Auxiliaries and accessories
      Up to three changeover auxiliaries plus one alarm signal auxiliary can be fitted internally to the Tmax circuit breakers. A new range of unified and standardised accessories has been developed to complement the Tmax design including a new door mounted rotary handle and service releases as well as a variety of mounting solutions.

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