The first indoor medium voltage transient-free diode-based capacitor switch DS1

2015-04-13 - We are pleased to announce the release of the new transient-free capacitor switch DS1.

DS1, transient-free, diode-based capacitor switch, is the first indoor medium-voltage apparatus of its kind based on semiconductor technology that allows synchronized switching. The switch, fully dry-air insulated, is able to perform opening and closing operations on capacitor banks without causing any transient voltage or inrush current and eliminating the probability of prestrike and restrike occurrence.

This is made possible by the embedded control unit, which enables optimized switching that is precisely synchronized with the AC network parameters. The product connects the capacitors at zero voltage crossing and disconnects them at zero current – with a precision of a few microseconds.

DS1 transient-free switching provides highest network reliability and extends capacitors life.

Product highlights:

  • Compact design reduces the space
  • 50.000 CO Operations without transients
  • No need of inrush reactors
  • Maximization of network stability and plant productivity
For more information about DS1, please visit the or watch video.

For any questions, please contact your local ABB.

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