Safety second to none: UniGear ZS1 with an ultra-fast earthing switch

Hanover, April 23, 2012 - At the Hanover Fair, ABB is showcasing the UniGear ZS1 air-insulated switchgear, supplemented by an ultra-fast earthing switch (UFES). A revolution in terms of proactive arc protection.

If an internal arcing fault is detected, the innovative UFES can switch off (earth) all three phases (outer conductors) in medium-voltage installations within four milliseconds. This makes the UniGear ZS1 one of the safest medium-voltage switchgear designs on the market. It can be simply expanded using the TVOC optical protective relay, and primary switching devices can be easily replaced. The UFES can be used as a busbar application, a cable outgoing feeder device, and a movable drawer unit. Using the UFES in a UniGear ZS1 upgrades both safety levels and system availability, as well as substantially downsizing repair costs and downtimes in the event of an internal fault.

UniGear ZS1

The UniGear ZS1 enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide as switchgear with a broad spectrum of duty applications, ranging from transformer substations and power plants, plus industrial facilities (passenger and goods traffic) all the way through to infrastructural installations. The reasons behind this are its modularized construction, its broad spectrum of ratings, and its flexibility in terms of customized compliance with users’ specific requirements.


The new eVD4 circuit-breaker integrates in a single unit all switching, metrological, monitoring and communication functions for modern-day distribution networks, while still meeting the stipulations laid down in the latest IEC-61850 standards. The entire switchgear life-cycle is optimized by using the eVD4. Starting with the simpler specification and ordering procedure, plus the dramatically reduced complexity of the switchgear in regard to engineering, wiring and testing, all the way through to commissioning and maintenance, the eVD4 offers numerous advantages in terms of execution, simplicity, availability, safety and cost-efficiency.

Please click on the picture for download:

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