Life cycle management and service

2012-01-10 - ABB offers a comprehensive portfolio of life cycle management and service products for the power generation and water industries – a portfolio based on extensive process and application know-how and one of the largest installed bases in the world.

ABB has been in the power generation industry for more than 125 years and in the water business for more than half a century.
This, and the fact that we are a leading supplier of power and automation products and systems for utility and industry customers, means that we know the processes, the technologies and the applications.
Our philosophy is simple: We protect your investment through the stepwise evolution and upgrading of your electrical, control and instrumentation systems to minimize the consumption of energy, prolong asset operating life, and minimize the cost of ownership.
We do this by providing advanced and cost-effective services and solutions that preserve and increase the value of your facilities throughout their entire life cycle.
Our solutions and know-how are deeply rooted in all applications: combined cycle, coal, hydro, nuclear, wasteto- energy, district energy, diesel, biofuel, solar, water and wastewater, desalination and pumping stations.
Our service spectrum covers the complete scope of the plant’s power and automation systems, from the distributed control and plant optimization systems to the instrumentation and emission monitoring systems. On the electrical side it covers the entire energy path, from electrical balance of plant to the substation and grid connection.
We offer a full portfolio of life cycle management services. It extends from repairs and spare parts to complete plant upgrades and equipment retrofits.
And, it covers each phase of the plant life cycle, from first concept to decommissioning.
For all our products and systems, we offer low-risk evolution strategies that ensure maximum return on investment while enhancing equipment availability and performance.

Energy efficiency and plant optimization
Energy efficiency and plant optimization are two of our specialties.
We perform energy effi ciency assessments and use our unique process, product and application expertise to identify savings that can reduce plant energy consumption by between 5 and 20 percent.
And we use that same expertise to optimize plant operations with a broad range of solutions, from computer-based maintenance management systems (CMMS) to online optimization tools for turbines, boilers, membranes, thermal desalination units and pumps, as well as online lifetime assessment monitoring for turbines and boilers.
Our global service network is probably the largest and most decentralized in the power generation and water industries. We have more than 1,300 dedicated power and water service specialists in 56 countries worldwide, ready to respond quickly and proactively to your needs.

“Our philosophy is simple: We protect your investment through the stepwise evolution and upgrading of your electrical, control and instrumentation systems to minimize the consumption of energy, prolong asset operating life, and minimize the cost of ownership.”

The ABB service 'chip' - A complete portfolio of services

Raising the bar
Taking service to a higher level ABB has recently strengthened its service offering for power and water customers by enhancing its capability in five key areas:

Your own site-responsible ABB engineer
ABB assigns each service customer their own site-responsible ABB engineer.
That person is your single point of contact with ABB for all service issues.
He is locally based and dedicated to provide fast and expert response.
His job is to provide you with the service solution and resources you require, manage ongoing service projects, and work proactively with you to ensure that the plant is operating with the flexibility and reliability required.

We help you identify the plant’s needs
We offer:
  • Programs to diagnose ineffi ciencies, implement improvements and ensure that the improvements are sustained over time
  • Energy efficiency studies to reduce plant energy consumption and comply with ever-stricter emissions regulations
  • Product evolution strategies to improve equipment performance and secure reliability
  • Remote monitoring of electrical and control equipment to monitor status and diagnose faults

A long-term commitment to our customers
Partnership and a long-term commitment to our customers is the hallmark of our service offering.
For instance, our long-term control system policy of ‘Evolution without obsolescence’ ensures that each new generation of our plant automation platform enhances its predecessors and is backwardly compatible with them.
The policy is now in its fourth decade and is unique in the power and water world. Its principles extend across our entire service portfolio.
As a result of this long-term commitment, we are able to offer a variety of enhanced service contracts with performance-related elements to protect your financial and intellectual investments.

New products, upgrades, retrofits and extensions
ABB has a continuous stream of new products, upgrades, retrofits and extensions in the pipeline.
We can extend the capacity of existing equipment. And we can upgrade or provide evolution or replacement strategies for an aging installed base.
As a partner of ABB, you gain access to the fruits of ABB’s R&D program for power and automation technologies, a program in which ABB invests around $1.3 billion annually.

Third-party service
As the market and technology leader in power and automation technologies, ABB has a unique understanding of the motors, drives, switchgear, transformers, generator circuit breakers, control systems and instrumentation in a power or water facility.
ABB covers the entire electrical, control and instrumentation installed base, and is able to offer service of non-ABB systems on a selective basis.

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