European smart grids body appoints ABB expert to steering committee

2013-04-02 - Jochen Kreusel, head of ABB’s Smart Grid Sector Initiative, has been selected among many high level candidates to join the 15 strong Steering Committee members of the European Technology Platform for Electricity Networks of the Future, also known as SmartGrids ETP.

By ABB Communications

Jochen Kreusel, head of ABB’s Smart Grid Sector Initiative at the first Swiss Energy and Climate Summit last year
The SmartGrids ETP is an influential body formulating policy and setting research and development priorities for the smart grids sector and is the linking glue between EU-level related initiatives. This platform offers a unique network of expertise from all stakeholders groups, particularly from the utilities industry, technology providers, public and private research institutions and regulators. The committee recently updated the Strategic Research Agenda 2035 for transmission networks and is focusing on the future development of HVDC grids.

With ABB’s recent nomination as one of the Top 10 Smart Grid Vendors and its recognition as the top player in the Smart Grids arena in the SmartGridNews, Jochen Kreusel’s expertise will be a valuable asset to the SmartGrids ETP, helping to shape smart grid technologies in Europe for the foreseeable future.

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