ABB Robotics provides fast and dependable service for expanding Kongsberg Automotive

2014-10-22 - ABB Robotics’ French Customer Service Team used its extensive experience, technical skills, speed of response and innovative modular service contract to present an irresistible service offer to Kongsberg Automotive to help fuel their growth.

Just 45 minutes from the Geneva airport, the town of Cluses sits on the outskirts of one of the most beautiful forests in the Northern Alps. Once renowned for its watch-making industry in the 20th century, Cluses still acts as a focal point for precision manufacturing industries like Kongsberg Automotive—one of the world’s foremost parts suppliers to the automotive industry.

In fact, the Cluses Kongsberg plant, with its 210 employees, is one of the most important for the company, manufacturing a wide range of automatic and manual gear shifters, shift cables and shift towers for light duty vehicles for the global automotive market.

As a well-established supplier of products and services for Kongsberg Automotive world-wide, ABB Robotics began a close collaboration with the Cluses plant 8 years ago.
Now ABB has been selected to support the growth of Kongsberg Automotive in France by developing its industrial robotics solutions further. The newly signed one year service agreement includes preventive maintenance, 24 hour onsite response time and a 24/7 hotline for immediate response. The plant exclusively uses ABB robots, consisting of eight IRB 140 robots and three IRB 2600 robots involved in material handling, injection molding and testing.

The 24/7 hotline combined with an innovative modular service contract was the most decisive factor in why ABB Robotics was awarded the service agreement. Together, these offerings ensure the best productivity for Kongsberg due to the easily accessible technical knowledge and speed of response due to the close proximity of the French ABB Robotics Service Team.

“The new service agreement ensures that our robots are maintained at all times to prevent productions stops and lets us control our maintenance costs associated with training and spare parts.”

“We have been working exclusively with ABB Robotics for several years. The new service agreement ensures that our robots are maintained at all times to prevent productions stops and lets us control our maintenance costs associated with training and spare parts,” says Ulrich Grabiasz, Maintenance Manager, Kongsberg Automotive, France.

“I was employed by Kongsberg Automotive for 20 years prior to beginning at ABB, which I believe is a valuable asset in our ongoing relationship,” says Eric Bouvier, Customer Service Sales engineer, South of France,
ABB Robotics. “In line with its growth strategy Kongsberg has committed to a training plan to increase the skills of 10 employees by the end of 2014. As an additional proof that our service offerings and skills are well recognized, ABB Robotics has been selected against tough competition for a new test line with six new robots which will be integrated in the service contract in 2015,” says Bouvier.

The future looks brighter than ever for the mutual beneficial relationship between Kongsberg Automotive and ABB Robotics in France.

About Kongsberg Automotive
Kongsberg Automotive provides seat comfort systems, driveline related systems, fluid assemblies, and industrial driver-interface products for global vehicle manufacturers. With revenues of around EUR 1 billion and over 10.000 employees in 20 countries, Kongsberg Automotive is truly a global supplier. The company is headquartered in Kongsberg, Norway, and has 47 production facilities worldwide.

Summary of service agreement benefits:
  • Fast service response time – on site within 24 hours
  • 24/7 hotline
  • Annual preventive maintenance

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