Symphony Plus evolution improves supercritical reliability

2012-07-09: Mailiao Power Corporation, Taiwan’s largest independent power producer, selected ABB to improve the reliability of two supercritical units at the 4,200 MW Mailiao power plant in Taiwan. ABB evolved the existing distributed control systems to Symphony™ Plus, completing the entire project within a short delivery schedule.

Mailiao Power Corporation (MPC) owns and operates the Mailiao supercritical coal-fired power plant on the western coast of Taiwan. The plant comprises seven 600 MW pulverized coal-fired units, which were originally commissioned between 1999 and 2000. The electricity generated at the plant powers the nearby refineries and petrochemical plants of MPC’s parent company, Formosa Petrochemical Corporation.

Plant reliability is a key requirement for MPC, not just to ensure grid compliance but to secure the reliable supply of power to the parent company’s production facilities and refineries. To enhance reliability of two of the 600 MW units, MPC selected ABB to evolve the existing 12-year-old Advant MOD300 distributed control systems to Symphony Plus. ABB was given 60 days to complete the entire project on-site and achieve MPC’s required levels of reliability.

The ABB solution controls more than 16,000 I/O and includes boiler control and boiler management. ABB was responsible for engineering, procurement, simulation, factory testing, site works and commissioning. In addition, ABB also provided a new Uvisor™ flame scanning system to improve combustion effectiveness and thermal efficiency.

Following ABB’s successful completion of the project within the contracted 60 days, the units’ distributed control systems have achieved the required improvements in reliability and performance. Operators can easily access more and better process information via state-of-the-art consoles and the powerful ABB Power Generation Information Management (PGIM) system.

Equipped with the latest S+ Engineering Composer tools, MPC’s plant engineers and operators now have a single accurate source of system information and a single window into process automation, field device engineering and maintenance – thereby saving time and increasing the efficiency of troubleshooting and maintenance.

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