Best practices for high-performing wind farms webinar series

2013-08-26 - Join us for this webinar series where the leading experts in the field share best practices for wind development. We’ll be offering four live webinars this fall. Make your reservations today!

Operating & maintaining wind farms

Controlling the generation, enhancement and distribution of wind power requires rapid processing and dissemination of data to operators at the local site and at distant operation centers. Learn how to utilize available control and management systems to give wind farm operators real-time data to make operational decisions that ensure wind farm bankability.

LIVE EVENT: Tuesday, December 3, 2013
2:00 pm EST/1:00 pm CST


Careful up-front planning is a crucial step to maximize the reliability and performance of a new wind farm. A well-prepared plan increases the ability to optimize productivity while mitigating potential issues that can derail project deadlines.

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Collecting the power

Wind power is nothing new – but today’s technologies for capturing that power and converting it to useable electrical energy has evolved dramatically. Specialized applications and expertise are often required to assure wind farms capture wind’s power as efficiently, safely and cost-effectively as possible.

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Connecting wind power to the grid

Connecting wind power to the grid requires more than specialized technology. Wind farm developers need to intimately understand grid codes and utility practices to minimize project implementation delays and maximize project profitability

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ABB wind power solutions

ABB is one of the few suppliers that have been involved in the commercialization of wind power since the earliest days. As the largest supplier of electrical components, systems and services to the wind power industry, we have decades of experience and have installed more equipment in wind farms than any other supplier.

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