ABB AbilityTM enhances power protection device monitoring

2018-03-27 - Power disturbances have many manifestations: blackouts, voltage sags or swells, noise, frequency variation or harmonics

These are troublesome for installations where reliable power is critical – data centers, financial institutions, healthcare facilities and the like. Such power disturbances and outages can largely be eliminated by installing a dependable uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Because the UPS is such a crucial part of the IT infrastructure, ABB provides intelligent UPS monitoring solutions that ensure the flow of clean power continues. Now, a step change in such monitoring is being made with the introduction of the ABB AbilityTM cloud. The ABB Ability cloud:

  • Is a scalable and secure platform.
  • Provides virtually unlimited memory space and computing power, making data storage and analytics easier.
  • Allows the UPS owner to transfer and store his encrypted data in an secure way. In fact, the cloud often provides superior data security compared to local IT solutions. Cyber security is a topic close to ABB’s heart and one in which the company invests a lot of time and effort.
  • Permits the customer to be master of his own data and choose with whom he wants to share it: Different access levels can be defined, which ensures people see only what they are supposed to.
  • Is diagnostic and prognostic.
  • Provides service on demand.
  • Allows edge analytics – i.e., applying local analytics algorithms to the live stream of data directly inside the UPS without sharing confidential information with the outside world.

ABB Ability is a Group-wide initiative that takes a huge step forward in connectivity. It is a unified, cross-industry digital capability - extending from device to edge to cloud - with devices, systems, solutions, services and a platform that enables more knowledge of the system, more capabilities and improved performance delivered by the connectivity of ABB Ability enabled equipment.

For power protection applications, this overarching connectivity and digitalization can be exemplified by the potential for improved remote support, enhanced cyber security, dedicated support functions and facilities, and asset health systems.

ABB’s power protection customers are already benefitting from ABB Ability. For example, Elemaster is using it so that service engineers can access not just the Elemaster UPS’s current state but also life cycle status, technical data and documentation, service reports and other relevant data.

And it's easy: The simplicity of installation of the ABB Ability monitoring at Elemaster avoids the high cost and complex setup of a traditional energy monitoring and management system. Further, once set up, it is possible to extend platform access to further users with specific roles in just a few clicks.

Mr. Luca Ceppi, Chief Information Officer at Elemaster says: “The connectivity and overview delivered by the new ABB Ability integration are great. It is now much simpler to obtain an insight into the power system – measurements and information on real-time status are all there, plain to see. This improvement in monitoring will reduce our risk of downtime and should mean less maintenance effort.”

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