Reducing pump energy consumption by 75%

2013-07-22 - An ABB innovation, the SynRM synchronous reluctance motor and drive package, has slashed the energy consumption of a pump application at a Swedish pulp mill by 75 percent.

By ABB Communications

High-output (SynRM) synchronous reluctance motor and drive package

The package has been operating since December 2012 as a pilot installation on a small water pump replacing an induction motor, which was running at a constant speed at the Waggeryd Cell pulp mill in southern Sweden.

During that time the SynRM motor and drive package has reduced the power consumption of the pump by 75 percent, from 23 kilowatts (kW) to 6 kW. That adds up to a reduction of 140,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) a year, which is worth $10,500 annually at current local tariffs.

The motors provide a very quick payback time for the investment, said Andreas Råvik, electrical and installation manager at Waggeryd Cell
“Such a large saving in energy consumption equates to a very short payback time on the investment,” says Andreas Råvik, electrical and installations manager at Waggeryd Cell.

ABB launched its SynRM motor and drive package in 2011 to widespread industry acclaim and the honor of a major international automation award. The package is optimized for pump and fan applications and comprises a synchronous reluctance motor, an industrial drive and dedicated software. ABB also offers verified efficiency curves to enable customers to precisely determine the energy consumption of the packages and calculate the payback time.

Eliminating energy losses
The SynRM motor combines proven stator technology with a new and innovative rotor design that has neither magnets nor cage, thus virtually eliminating rotor losses and giving the motor a uniquely cool operating temperature.

This in turn reduces the temperature of the bearings and extends their service life and maintenance intervals. Since about 70 percent of motor failures are related to bearings, the lower bearing temperature can prevent unplanned motor stoppages, thereby increasing motor reliability and reducing maintenance costs.

“The SynRM revolutionizes motor technology,” says Råvik. “One of the most impressive things about the motor is that it is considerably more efficient than previous motors, and that it can reduce energy losses by such a large amount.”

For a company like Waggeryd Cell, which is constantly seeking new ways to optimize energy consumption, selecting the best and most efficient motors has proven to be one of the most effective ways to improve energy efficiency at the mill.

Watch the video below to hear how a UK water company assesses the SynRM and the benefits and savings they measured on a pump application.

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