ABB beats transformer delivery schedule

2010-08-24 - In a history-making delivery from ABB, a power transformer has been designed, manufactured, tested, delivered and installed within three months to CS Energy’s Kogan Creek power station. This is unprecedented for a project of this size.

CS Energy went out to the market for a new transformer for their baseload power station at Kogan Creek, located in the western Darling Downs near Chinchilla in Queensland, Australia. ABB made an offer to build a 60/40/40 MVA, 21/11.5/11.5 kV transformer, with delivery of three months ex-works from its medium power transformers factory in Bangkok, Thailand. Normal delivery for a transformer of this size is usually ten months ex-works, then two months for shipping, delivery to site and installation.

With a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) in place it gave ABB better leverage in putting the offer forward. Julian Guild, sales manager for power transformers Australia, named the MOU as highly critical in securing this opportunity: “Had the MOU between CS Energy and ABB not been in place, it would have been near impossible to secure the deal because of the timeframe required to establish agreed commercial conditions.”

With the MOU in place, CS Energy gave ABB the challenge of manufacturing a brand-new 60/40/40 MVA, 21/11.5/11.5 kV power transformer on a fast-track basis and installing it as a turnkey project, including site preparation and commissioning. Julian Guild, said: “Within just two weeks of the initial enquiry we were able to specify the new transformer, pass their factory quality audit, achieve factory approval, produce a quotation and agree on the commercial terms of the contract. Crucially, we were also able to guarantee delivery within three months, so the generator would be installed and working for the start of January 2010.” The contract was executed on the 30th September, 2009.

Within three months the newly built 75 ton transformer was air-lifted using a chartered Antonov heavy lift cargo plane. Special considerations had to be made for transit including special fixtures to secure the transformer inside the aircraft cargo bay, and arrangements to allow equalisation of pressure between the transformer and aircraft cabin without compromising the dryness of the insulation inside the transformer.

ABB beats transformer delivery schedule
The new 75 ton transformer arriving in Brisbane via the Antonov heavy lift cargo plane

The new transformer arrived at Kogan Creek as scheduled at the end of December and was installed during a ten day outage during the Christmas/New Year break. ABB’s transformer service personnel completed the installation in record time, working rotating shifts over 24 hours between Christmas and New Year.

Axel Kuhr, country manager of ABB in Australia was impressed by all ABB personnel involved and commended the unprecedented delivery achievement. “Building what is effectively an 80 MVA transformer in less than three months, including design, is hitherto unheard of in ABB up until now.” The transformer is now installed and has been fully operational since early January 2010.

Kogan Creek power station site manager Ivan Mapp also commended ABB’s ability to deliver on time and on schedule. “We chose to work with ABB due to the expedience in lead time and their reputation within the industry. ABB offered a delivery time that was unmatched by any other competitor and we knew that they had the expertise and resources to deliver on what was promised.”

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    ABB beats transformer delivery schedule
    ABB beats transformer delivery schedule to deliver transformer to CS Energy’s Kogan Creek power station
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