Statnett relies on ABB Service in Norway to retrofit a 420 kV GIS circuit breaker

2015-01-26 - The ABB HV Service team in Norway has since 2009 worked proactively with Statnett to extend the lifetime of their 420 kV GIS ELK-3 breaker located at the substation in Aadal. As the GIS had been in operation for 30 years, they needed either an overhaul or a retrofit.

However, as the AHMA drive in the GIS was no longer in production, an obsolete product for Statnett would mean if anything was to go wrong in the future they would incur high costs for spare parts. With close co-operation with ABB in Switzerland, a decision was made to retrofit the 420 kV ELK3 circuit breaker with the operating mechanism type HMB from ABB. Replacement for all dynamic seals on all the switching components, capacitors along with the installation of migration modules (disconnector, earthing switch) ensured a seamless transition from obsolete to a nearly new circuit breaker.

Key factors was on-time delivery of equipment, high focus on HSE and a complete looped off substation. This lead to no health and safety issues and full availability to the breaker. Christer Olerud, Project Manager for ABB commented a high level of safety awareness meant no chances were taken. The ability of the team to work together in close cooperation with the customer to deliver such a complex solution was the key to the overall success of this project".

Statnett is the system operator (TSO) in the Norwegian energy system, operating about 11,000 km of high-voltage power lines and 150 stations all over Norway. Operations are monitored by one national control center and regional centers. Statnett is also responsible for the connections to Sweden, Finland, Russia, Denmark and the Netherlands.

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