Lunch ‘n’ Learn training session puts harmonics on the menu

2016-11-08 - Lunchtime training session gives water industry staff the essentials on harmonics and how to deal with them.

ABB has launched a Lunch ‘n’ Learn training session designed to offer a short introduction to harmonics and their effects.

The training is one of many services offered as part of ABB’s 20+20 vision for improving customer outcomes in the water industry.

Under Ofwat’s latest Asset Management Plan, AMP6, water companies are being encouraged to re-focus attention away from the traditional area of spending less on capital and towards a total expenditure, or TOTEX, approach. This places more emphasis on controlling operational and maintenance costs.

Stuart Foster, UK & IE water industry manager - drives & controls, ABB Limited, says: “Harmonics can raise maintenance and repair costs, so keeping harmonics and their damaging effects in check should be a priority for water companies. The lunchtime learning session is a convenient way to ensure staff are made fully aware of this essential subject.”

Ideal for people with a basic knowledge of electrical installations, the sessions last no longer than 45 minutes and can be held at customer premises or at an ABB facility.

The session covers the causes and effects of harmonic distortion, as well as how to avoid or mitigate them.

Four topics are covered:

  • The fundamentals of harmonics
  • Mitigation techniques
  • Dealing with a mixture of single and three-phase harmonics
  • The latest G5/4-1 recommendations and how they affect harmonic management

Knowing how to mitigate harmonics is a vital aspect of avoiding their worst effects. Mitigation techniques covered on the course will include chokes, transformers, active supply units, active filters and passive filters.

Companies interested in booking a course for their staff should email, call 07000 DRIVES (that’s 07000 374837), or visit ABB’s dedicated harmonics website by clicking here

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    ABB’s Harmonics Lunch ‘n’ Learn training session covers the causes and effects of harmonic distortion, as well as how to avoid or mitigate them.
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