ABB pushes substation performance to new levels

2009-05-04 - Substation performance is evolving rapidly with the introduction of the global IEC 61850 standard for communication networks and systems – a standard fully implemented by ABB in the world’s first multi-vendor substation automation system in 2004.

By ABB Communications

Since then, ABB has introduced and exploited the benefits of IEC 61850 for customers in 55 countries and supplied hundreds of systems and thousands of products for new substation installations, as well as retrofit and migration projects.

The IEC 61850 communications standard was released in 2004 to make the substation automation devices of different vendors interoperable and enable them to exchange critical data for basic and advanced functionality, thereby enhancing substation reliability.

Laufenburg interconnects the French, German and Swiss 380 kV power grids and is a critical node in the north-south interconnection of the European transmission system

ABB played a key role in developing and verifying this global standard, and actually commissioned the world’s first IEC 61850 multi-vendor project in 2004 at the 380 kilovolt (kV) Laufenburg substation in Switzerland – one of the largest and most important substations in Europe.

Since 2004, ABB has provided hundreds of solutions to utilities and industrial customers worldwide for greenfield, retrofit, migration and extension projects. These include solutions for customers like Eletrosul and Teck Cominco in the Americas, National Grid and EDP in Europe, Powergrid and Rio Tinto in Asia Pacific, and Senelec in Africa.

Utilities like Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) have selected ABB to provide large-scale IEC 61850 solutions for much of their new and installed base – more than 120 systems for DEWA to date – marking ABB’s ability to handle bulk contracts with large volumes and critical time schedules.

ABB is the world’s leading supplier of air-insulated and gas-insulated switchgear and substations as well as IEC 61850 substation automation solutions and systems

ABB has a unique capability in IEC 61850, both as a supplier of a complete portfolio of intelligent substation automation devices, and as a system integrator of fully interoperable, standard-compliant solutions.

A key component of this capability is the ABB system verification center – the first manufacturer’s test lab to be qualified to UCA (Utility Communication Architecture) specifications – in which each system component, application and tool is tested in a real-life operating environment to ensure that it meets the requirements for communication, integration, functionality and performance.

The center is also a huge repository of IEC 61850 system integration know-how. Click for a high resolution pdf of selected ABB IEC 61850 projects and the features and benefits of each installation. (1394 kB)

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    Click the map above for a selection of ABB IEC 61850 reference projects around the globe outlining the features and benefits of each installation.

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