Hurricane Sandy recovery support

2012-11-02 - ABB mobilizes special support program to help our utility and industrial customers quickly restore electricity and get their power equipment back up and running. Please contact your local sales representative or call our 24 hour hotline at 1-800-HELP-365 (1-800-435-7365).

We recognize that the utilities affected by Hurricane Sandy are hard at work to restore services after a devastating natural disaster. ABB is staffed and ready to help you get electric service restored as quickly as possible.

ABB’s Power divisions have established a hurricane support center in Quakerstown, Pennsylvania, staffed with knowledgeable individuals to assist our utility and industrial customers with damage assessment and to coordinate the correct response. Local service centers are ready to respond with technical expertise, parts and repair capabilities either at site or at our facilities.

Our factories are on high alert and ready to provide emergency shipments and consultation where needed. Many of the products listed below are available to ship from stock and deliver in 72 hours or less:

  • Cutouts
  • Fuses
  • Pole-mounted transformers
  • Pad-mounted transformers
  • Dry-type transformers
  • Small and medium power transformers
  • Transformer and LTC components (bushings, control cabinets, parts)
  • Transformer oil processing rigs ready for local dispatch
  • Single-phase switches
  • Medium and high voltage instrument transformers
  • Relays (microprocessor, solid state and electro-mechanical) and test switches
  • Reclosers
  • Padmounted switchgear
  • Medium voltage outdoor breakers
  • Indoor breakers, switches and switchgear
  • HV oil and SF6 insulated circuit breakers
ABB can provide installation, commissioning, repair and remanufacturing of any of the products listed above.

In addition to ABB branded products, we support all the legacy brands listed below that have become part of the ABB Group:
  • BBC
  • ITE
  • Westinghouse
  • ASEA
  • Pacific Breakers
  • Kuhlman
  • Malton Equipment Company
  • Gould
  • GE Large Power Transformers
  • Moloney Electric
  • National Industri
  • Stromberg
We encourage everyone to work safely, and we appreciate the opportunity to assist our customers with recovery from this historic disaster.

For ABB assistance please contact your local sales representative or call our 24 hour hotline at 1-800-HELP-365 (1-800-435-7365).

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