Technology from ABB in Finland now controls and monitors the entire Finnish electric rail network

2016-09-20 - ABB Finland has signed a contract to deliver MicroSCADA Pro operational monitoring system to the Finnish Transport Agency in Tampere. The operating center will now be able to control and monitor the power supply to more than 3,250 kilometers of electric tracks covering the network from Tampere to Riihimäki, Turku, Vaasa, Jyväskylä, Pori and Rauma.

The new contract now means that ABB Finland is providing the control and monitoring of the complete Finnish Transport Agency network, having previously been successful in providing the control and monitoring of the electric track network covered by the operating centers in Helsinki, Kouvola and Oulu, and on the track in Vuosaari harbor. The four operating centers monitor all the electrical systems of the electric track, carry out voltage breaks and connections and, therefore, ensure the safety and usability of the electric track. All faults and maintenance tasks involving train tracks are reported to any of these operating centers.

“We have been working with ABB since the beginning of the 2000s, when the first remote control system based on MicroSCADA was built in northern Finland. The previously delivered systems have worked reliably, and there have been no disruptions to passenger and goods traffic from faults in the remote electric track control system. Cooperation with ABB has been straightforward, and ABB has paid great attention to our needs,” says Pekka Rautoja, project manager at the Finnish Transport Agency.

“We are talking about technology developed – and still being developed – in Finland, with more than 10,000 global deliveries. We are happy that, through this contract, our technology forms part of the system that ensures smoothly flowing and safe electric train traffic throughout Finland’s electric rail network,” says Juha Muhonen, a manager at ABB.

MicroSCADA Pro is a control and monitoring system developed by ABB in Finland. In addition to the Finnish electric track network, it is in use in multiple transport networks including the metro system in Delhi, the Skytrain system in Bangkok and the Hai Vann Pass road tunnel in Vietnam. Global industrial and energy companies are also using the system to control and monitor their electrical systems.

This contract also includes technology to transmit control and monitoring data from supply stations and operating points to the MicroSCADA Pro software. The parties have previously signed a maintenance contract on the delivery of maintenance services for the Finnish Transport Agency's electric track monitoring systems.

The new control and monitoring system at the Tampere operating center will be commissioned in stages, with completion expected by the end of 2018.

Additional information: Juha Muhonen, tel: +358 50 33 43520,

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